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Welcome one and all to the secret order of the true ruler of Equestria, Nightmare Moon. In this order, the Order of Nightmare, we are dedicated to Mistress Nightmare Moon and will follow her to the ends of Equestria to help her achieve her goal of engulfing Equestria in Eternal Night. I have been ordered by Nightmare Moon herself to recruit members into this secret order.

Haha jking it's not a cult it's just another Nightmare Moon based group that i just wanted to create. It's a group all about Nightmare Moon in all forms doesn't matter if she's her cruel self, her romantic side, or if she's all goody goody, they all are welcome in this group. Anyways if you'd like you can give me idea's on what i can do to improve the group. Look around, have fun, and hail Nightmare Moon.

Forever Chasing the Nightmare.
Nightmare Chaser, your group leader.

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Jesus you leave for a few years and see the group you make grow by 40 members.... god i need to be on here more.

Hey everypony I am back:yay:

I know this is going to sound dumb, but can you guys go read my fic:fluttercry:i just finished it and Nightmare moon will enter next chapter and remain til the end:pinkiecrazy:also LunaxDerpy:derpytongue2:

304589 This group needs more members how could that happen?:duck:


wow five members WE NEED MORE LUNA DAMNIT :flutterrage:

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