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Us that seek the return of the Goddess of the Night in her rightful form, not Luna's filly being.
Us that seek to banish the Highest traitor of Equestrian History, Celestia, that banished our Goddess for 1000 Years giving us the Lie that she wanted an eternal night.
Us that take enjoyment and fullness during absence of the sun during our time awake, looking at the everyday masterpiece that most ponies spat on by sleeping during it, during the precious night.

We praise her return... We love her as our Mother and rightful Ruler...
We are the Moon's Apostles.

*Rules(just few, look at them anyways)*
Roleplay: Accepted.
Stories involving our Mother Moon's return: Accepted
Spamming: not accepted
Insulting: NOT accepted, and may result in Ban.
Posting: Forum is made for that, go forth!! Some Rules applied though, as not making useless threads or to insult any of us or our beliefs.
Limits of morality: Seriously guys, i think that we are old enough to withstand an amoral belief, sarifices and stuff.

May your visit be interesting end enlightening.

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Anyone Who legitimately feels a strong emotional connection to Luna and Nightmare Moon, and has chronic feels over it, please contact me, and feel free to discuss our mutual devotion to Her.
Steam: Doom Paul

The Darkness Comforts Us,
The Shadows Protect Us.
We Strike From The Darkened Cloak Of Night.
But Think Not We Lack The Courage To Stand In The Light,
We Are The New Lunar Republic:
Pride Of The Evening Armada!

Posting this story here kind of takes the mystery out of it, but I think the group may like it anyway.

'The Frozen West'

Let me know what you think. :twilightsmile:

305229 Is not necessarily a force of good. We can still look at Her as a force of darkness

nightmare moon reminds me of the void appears evil to the weak minded but if you try to understand it its a force for good

Here I am everyone! Xu Huang... err... I mean, I have arrived!

"So... you think that 'I' would suddenly join a Brotherhood that would KILL Celestia!? I've heard enough! We will begin our duel!":rainbowdetermined2:

(PS: I'm roleplaying from elsewere.)

301431 you will soon be welcomed, brother

Eh... it can't hurt.

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