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The unicorn sat with his little filly by the fireplace and opened the book once more. "Let's see what happens next!"

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Autumn Mist is not your average twelve-year-old unicorn. She has recently been accepted into the most advanced magic school in Equestria, located in Littlehorn Valley.

Misty's thoughts are on an Equestrian hero this day. She shares with her friends her own hopes and dreams of one day being just like her idol. As doubt creeps into her mind, Misty must reconsider her concept of what being a hero truly means.

When tragedy strikes at the school, how will this affect Misty’s view of her heroine? Is a pony still a hero even if they can’t be there to save everyone?

Editing and review credit goes to my development team:
Pawz, onlyanorthernsong, DuvetofReason, TundraStanza

Last-minute feedback credit goes to:
Windmill 7, Between Lines, Bad Dragon, PrinceUniversa, Jordan179, and Fervidor.

Original credit for Nyx and the Littlehorn event itself go to Pen Stroke and Kkat respectively.

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Special Note:

This story is currently being rewritten from the ground up.
It will be published as a separate story.
Please go to this group for ongoing chapters, news, and art on this project.
We also have a Discord server here where all the development takes place.

She was once the harbinger of nightmares, the bringer of eternal night. It has now been fifteen years since the failed plan to bring back Nightmare Moon and overthrow the royal sisters. Fifteen years since Equestria gained a new ally.

Now, with Equestria struggling through a prolonged war with the zebras, the mare who was once known as Nightmare Moon must walk the delicate balance between protecting the ponies she loves and losing her hard-fought identity.

Faced with a mysterious and brutal threat to Equestria, how will Nyx stand against a powerful new adversary who knows her better than she knows herself? What fate awaits her behind the dark secrets of an alicorn's true nature?

Commissioned cover art by SilFoe

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