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There is no such thing as normal. Everything is weird in its own way, especially me.

(No Longer) Being Written

- A story with me and my siblings' OCs (Finishing the Hat)
- My WTG #012 entry that I submitted, but didn't complete (Rockspeak)
- The sequel to The Musical, which is a collaboration between me and Eclipse LunarSol
- Sophie is back for WTG #018 (Sophie Osmo Absorbs Inspiration Manifestation)
- My first long-runner (World War Fandom)

(Cancelled) Future Plans

-A request from YellowNova
-Something about waking up in a snowy ghost town with no memory of yourself
-The sequel to The Second Life of Morones
-Some "last one standing" gory action epicness
-Rockspeak sequel
-A story whose cover will properly retire my current profile pic
-Grumpy cat pony POV prequel to The Musical
-Lyra attempts human transmutation (BEST CROSSOVER IDEA EVER!!!)
-Friendship vs. Harem

Ideas (That Will Remain Ideas)

- something with emotion and knives
- I'm sure hours of tragic and gruesome slideshows in Driver's Ed have some inspirational quality...
- fun with foils
- new things are good things
- Equestrian parody of YellowNova's favorite show (Hint: It's Top Gear.)
- I finished watching a playthrough of Corpse Party, and now I kinda want to do a crossover...

Proofreading Service (Not for this site anymore)

This is where you need to look for details if you are interested in having a self-proclaimed grammar nazi look your stuff over.
I normally just look for offers to proofread in comments sections.
Oh, and yes, I am in the Proofreader group.

If you want my services, find me elsewhere.


One Last Crusade by Tidal

1st: Spirits by Tidal
2nd: OPEN

Personal Achievements

X Encompass all genre tags
_ Get a story on the featured page
_ Get featured on EQD
X Show up in an EQD writer's training ground entry post
X 10 followers
X 25 followers
X 50 followers
_ 100 followers
_ 500 followers
_ Write a fic based entirely on the cover pic
_ Write a fic based off someone else's work
_ Write a fic based on song lyrics
_ Think of a plot and write a fic for it all while listening to the same song on a loop
X Proofread somepony's fanfiction
_ Proofread 10 fics
X Start with blank doc, end with posted story in one sitting
X Make the cover art for one of my stories
X Total 500 story views
X Total 2000 story views
X Total 5000 story views
_ Total 10000 story views
_ Retire my profile pic into cover art
X Have a story get 25 likes with no dislikes
_ Have a story get 50 likes with no dislikes
_ Have a story get 75 likes with no dislikes
_ Have a story get 100 likes with no dislikes
X Write a crackship fic
X Have a story with 500 views
_ Have a story with 1000 views
_ Have a story with 2000 views
_ Have a story with 5000 views
_ Have a story with 10000 views
_ Collaborate a story
X Come up with more achievements (Nothing more to achieve here)
X Move on to better things


Farewell Fandom · 4:47pm Mar 28th, 2016

So, before I forget, on February 19th, I turned 17, so yay me. I'm 17 now.

But let's just cut to the chase. While watching season 5, I found I was forcing myself to, and then I realized that I didn't particularly care what happened anymore. I still haven't finished season 5, and I doubt I will anytime soon, if ever.
Basically, that time where you realize you've moved on.... has happened to me. Happened awhile ago actually. I am now an ex-brony pretty much. I bid this fandom farewell.

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Me in Further Description

I am an ex-brony who lives in NC and has abnormally high amounts of literary prowess. Massive amounts of creative energy used to be compressed into fanfiction and dished out on this page.
If you want my help or anything, please hunt for me on my alternate sites. This page is essentially dead.


For anime fanfiction (No longer used)- FanFiction
For all fanfiction- Archive of Our Own
For original fiction (No longer used)- Wattpad
For geeky social media- Tumblr
COMING SOON- alternate Tumblr page for all fiction I might make a writing tips tumblr, but my fanfiction goes on Ao3 now.
NaNoWriMo account- SolongStarbird's NaNoWriMo Account
Play TF2 or whatever with me- Steam Account

Products of My Creativity

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1531540 Oh, yes.
The artist's name is Melon Drop.

1563797 It's on the popular groups sidebar.

Thanks for joining the group, Species of Equestria! How did you come across it?

1531540 It is a picture of Fluttershy in a hoodie. If I recall correctly, i found it while browsing fanart.
Oh, and it is still a pony, not humanized.

Nice avatar..

Is that a human version of a pony (which pony?) or is that an artwork by you or some other artist..

Cause I admire the avatar..

Why the heck am I asking? I know it's creepy, forgive me, but I just want to know the artist so I can keep watch for her/him..

My newest tracks are up on Soundcloud.

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