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Pinkie Pie awakens one morning to find a strange lump on her back. She doesn't think it's a big deal, but as time goes on it grows and bizarre changes begin to take place inside her.

In Ponyville, something is stalking the citizens. Can anypony stop what's happening before it's too late and their world is irrevocably changed? Of course, you can only save the day if the danger hasn't found you before you even know it's there.

Written for Write-Off's Nightmare Night 'transformations' contest. Is meta-horror a genre? Well, it is now.

Featured on EQD - 25th March 2014

Now with a full-cast audio reading by TheLostNarrator: SUCH WONDERFULNESS WE HAVE NEVER YET SEEN!

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That ending:rainbowlaugh:
That was a very good read. I now see what you were working on for so long.:ajsmug:
I hope that means more of your other stories......right........right??:applecry:

Author Interviewer

I guess you didn't submit this?


For what? The EQD challenge of the Write-Off one? Either way, I missed both deadlines by such a wide margin you could park 'planes in it. In the end sheer bloody-mindedness made me finish and post it in some-relevant-timeframe to Halloween, if only because this is an idea that has lurked in my brain for the better part of eighteen months and it was finally time to rid myself of it.

I inflict this on thee! Inflict! INFLICT! :flutterrage:


Yes, yes, I'll get back under the whip. :raritywink:

Author Interviewer

I suppose so. :B Would've been great having a fifth entry in the writeoff. D: Ah well, you'll know when I get to this one!

This fic terrified me.


This coomment gives me much joy.


incompetent unicorn

Hmph. :trixieshiftleft:

“This is wrong. One plus one equals two! Add two ones and you don’t get just one – can’t squeeze blood from a stone, can’t make something from nothing, can’t fit a thousand books into ninety-nine spaces.”

Reminded me of River Tam. Eleven. Important number. Prime number. One goes into the house of eleven eleven times, but always comes out one.

The fastest pony in Equestria is Firefly and danger is her life.

Huh. I don't get any of these references, but I gather there is some kind of alternate or discarded canon this story is referring to?

It's refering to the original mlp series.

Damn. Just, damn. That was incredible. Excellent story, very gripping.
I'm-a go pimp the hell out of it on tumblr now.

Applejack nervously grinned as they took the picture. Maybe if she played along, no-one would notice that she hadn't changed a bit.

OMC! I need a tub of brain bleach just to cleanse the horror from the dark recesses of my soul.

Prolonged torture of Pinkie Pie: Check

Horror from beyond the stars: Technically a Check

Re-writing the minds and souls of the innocent: An entire universe of checks.

Torture of Fluttershy: Check.

Will need Mr. Webby to fall asleep tonight:


Double Check.

Good job on making this. Lots of good Fridge Horror, and moments that need tons of brain bleach. I both applaud you and throw holy water in your general direction.

Author Interviewer

Intergenerational fandom bickering has never been so creepy.

Actually, what's creepiest is seeing my comments up there. c.c I'm pretty sure I haven't read this before and I have no idea what those were pertaining to, omg.

That was excellent. Well done!

love this line
" It’ll be so much better for them when they figure out they’re fictional, too."

Whenever someone complains about how the show sucks since Faust left and she should have had complete creative control, I'll always think about this fic and be glad I'm not one of them. This was bloody brilliant!

JESUS CHRIST IT'S SPREADING :fluttershbad: :raritydespair:

Nice story, definitely worth a fave...

3840833 i have to agree with you on that.
My mind is numb after reading this. Uhhhhhhhgg

Well Ms Scribbler, you still can amaze :)

The heck? I thought meta wasn't allowed on here!

Well well, THIS opens the door for me to engage in a whole 'nother level of trolling! :trixieshiftright:

Anyway, Pinkie-demon would lose to me: "The pen!” Pinkie stuck a hoof in the air dramatically, as if orating to a crowd. “Is mightier than the sword!”

My sword IS ALSO A PEN!! Check-mate, beeyatch! :trollestia:

3984720 This wasn't Faust's vision.

This is what would happen if the G3 fans took over.

Which is why I have begun to kill them all... :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

G3 has fans?

"Sad" and "Dark" ... the two tags I have sworn to never read again. :pinkiesick:

However, this has a premise that promises Pinkie Pie / Surprise shenanigans. Curses. Here we go. :facehoof:

4133469 Yes. I believe Satan has quite a few posters. :pinkiecrazy:

4134116 Glad you're amused. =P

Ok ... I read it.


That ... I have no more words.

Oh, wait. I did really get a kick out of this part: "Mr Cake had been partway through explaining the situation to Twilight when he yelled “Pumpkin, no! Not the pho–” and the signal was cut off." THAT was funny. XD

That... got really dark really fast. The closing image really complements the tone!

Me: Oh this looks good.

26,863 words total

Me: This other story looks good.

By Megan's hat.
This is creepy.
Yes, I said Megan.
Not McCarthy, either.:applejackconfused:


I don't want to write anymoreee

I knew this would be good going in, but WOW! I hope you do a reading of this fic one day.

Heh. Phenomenon – doo-doo-de-doo-doo.

Muppets reference :rainbowlaugh:

The story is wonderful done. But the end just confuses me, it just ends as RD is attacked by the ink (or something like that). What happens after that? Or is the story explains for itself? I have no idea. The story itself is very exciting though. It is great.


The idea is that they don't win. It ends where it began: a wonderful magical world of pastel ponies who wield friendship as a weapon. What nobody realises is that their world is broken and built on something terrible to be that way.

Oh Celestia...:rainbowhuh:
Where do I begin...
I once thought I was the only one who thought deeply enough to think of a beautifully intertwined dimensional world where the fourth wall was nearly nonexistent and everything seemed an illusion and.... I thought only I could nearly see characters adversely reacting to tweaked plots and canon caused by my mere pen/key strokes, that only I thought I was the god of a multiverse, who ruled with mind and writing utensil, who nearly broke the fourth wall himself and accepted what he had made as if it were real.

Seeing things like this reminds me that I was so wrong. I love seeing kindred spirits.

Reading this felt extremely nostalgic though this was written a few months ago. You know you have read something amazing when you feel like you can't function after the last word is read.
This is my second, maybe even first most favorite story on the site now. Keep up this absolutely wondrous magic.:pinkiesmile:

Holy... ... what. That was an insanely good read.

4143914 I second everything you said. This story is one of my favorites. Whooooa.

4144786 Ah! Another kindred spirit!
Are you part of the 4th wall breakers yet?

4144801 Whaaaat? This exists? OMG this might motivate me to actually finish a story...


........ No comment....

All i have to say, is holy shit what a ride!

This was the first story I ever read on here, the one that introduced me to this place.


Would you consider reading this fic for youtube scribbler?


I have actually been approached by someone who wants to do a reading later this year. I trust her implicitly and know she will do a brilliant job if her plans come off. :raritywink:

4310469 Holy Moly! THE Scribbler replied to my comment! Tis such an honor! :pinkiegasp:

Honestly, I wasn't expecting a reply at all. Looking back at it, I feel kinda silly asking if you'll do a reading of this. I can only imagine the thousands of request you're receiving from other people asking if you'll do a reading of "X" fic or "Y" fic. :rainbowderp:

Well thanks for the news, I'll be eagerly waiting for it.

If I have to take a wild guess... it's gotta be theLostNarrator. Yep, I'm calling it. She's the one who's working on this.

Thanks again! :yay:

This story has just changed my perception of reality
I would go into detail but I won't because it'll be too long and no one will read it,
It was gruesome, dark, but overall really well done. Makes me wish I could do more than just like it :twilightblush:

She has this brilliant habit of always finding exactly the right one at exactly the right moment. It’s really amazing – not to mention convenient!


4310469 TheLostNarrator is doing the reading and releasing it on Halloween but for now, she is (for the first time) having auditions for the reading. :yay:

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