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This is a group dedicated to Trenderhoof x Coco Pommel, or TrenderPommel. Though this ship is brilliant, is is relatively unheard of. As of the day this group was created (April 28), there is only one fanfic (written by the group founder), two or three pieces of fanart, and several mentions of it on the internet. By joining this group, you are helping fulfill the goal of making this wonderful ship more known to bronykind.

Perhaps it is a while into the future when you join this group, and you have just read the previous paragraph, noting the humble beginnings of the ship, and browsing a library of multiple TrenderPommel shipfics. Isn't that grand, multiple TrenderPommel shipfics.....

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Wow. This is amazing!

I'm pleased to see this. Trend needs more love. I'm not even fussy about what kind!

Interesting, Maybe I'll throw my two bits into the bag and write my own TrenderPommel fic.

358895 >taking all your yes, as per requested<

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