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NightMare Moon's Library of all things her. And sometimes Luna, but mainly her!
Put your books here if they contain Nightmare moon, as a main character, small role, or side character.

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Ah, good, I see submission is working now. :twilightsmile:
I'm not sure if I added mine to the correct folder or not, but hopefully it's okay where it is.

373999 Cool!:pinkiecrazy:
Plunk goes my story Equus Mortis into the small role file. Thanks!

I have a dark story with Nightmare Moon having a small but significant role. Will there be a small role folder?

Yes, sorry, on it ^-^'
A bit after I made this I had to go get delicious Runza dinner.

(Read this like a Dalek (monotone)) FOLDERS ARE REQU-IRED!

I'm not entirely sure how story submission usually works for groups, but this doesn't seem to currently allow for it (Perhaps it needs folders?). Anyway, just thought I'd point it out.

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