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I do not hate gay, lesbian or bi people. I only found one group for the straight ship stories and thought I'd make my own. Not many of us are willing to come out and say that we'd rather have some straight ships for a change. I decided to create this because nearly every fic I see on here is something like Appledash and I'd rather see something else for a change.

If you like to write straight fics go on and they'll be added here. Just please, don't add stories containing any sex. I just prefer stories that are not that up personal. But sexual themed is welcome.

Again I don't hate LGBR I just would like to see something else for a change since nearly every group in dominated by "Anti-Flash Sentry+Twilight" and then supportive of everything Appledash or Twilightdash etc. Lets give the other ships some life!

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398548 Well haven't checked onto this in a while.. But R stands for relations.

What is LGBR, anyway?

Can I add some of my fics on here? They are SoarDash,CheesePie ,ButtonBelle & CheeriMac (with more to come!)'
and they are appropriate for everypony.:twilightsmile:
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