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"For there to be a 1, there must be a 2!"

Nothing bugs me more than when the author of a oneshot story doesn't name the chapter. I am sure some of you agree.
The singular chapter is automatically dubbed "Chapter 1" a disappointing and lonely name, as it will never have a chapter 2.

Even if the chapter is named the same as the story it is better than a chapter title that seems like it is wanting something to follow.

1.Put the stories in any folder that it fits in. However the stories will show up in the rating oriented folder when put into one of its sub-folders.
2. The chapter must have its name changed so that it doesn't say "Chapter 1"
3. Place any suggestions in the suggestion box thread I made in the forum.

If you have any suggestions, drop 'em in the suggestion box.

Hopefully this group will be incentive to get more authors to name their oneshot chapters.

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Sorry for getting a T story in the Everyone folder I screwed up can a group moderator get that one removed from that folder

Hello everypony, I just joined this group. Glad to be here!

I'll be adding my stories to this a bit later.

Ok, there goes my first story into the vault.
As per request, the chapter does have a name.

382734 I have to agree with you here.

I always name all my chapters first thing, no matter how many or how few I will have.

The title is my first chance to put the right spin to the story and chapter.

The description and summary may be good when I start up the story, but you still do need that ttitle for each and every case.

Just found this group and I love it. I name all of my one-shot chapters partly because I love naming things and partly because it always bothered me when a one-shot just had Chapter 1 as its chapter name.

More people should join this group.

I've been looking for a way to beat back this urge I have to use EVERY. LITTLE. PLOT DEVELOPMENT. to break the story into multiple chapters. Asside from sticking a Pinkie Promice into all my intended oneshot authors notes this seems like an effective deterrent.

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I'm a recent convert, and I still need to go back and give chapter names to my first one shots. While some really should have the same name as the story, for others the chapter name is an opportunity to give the story a really cool secondary title.

Can the chapter name of a one shot story be the same as the story name? :unsuresweetie:

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