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Welcome to the Black Feather project!

Black Feather is the anchor story within the Harmony Universe, an expansive and original universe consisting of a series of interconnected stories that are in development. Black Feather will be the longest tale in the series.

The Harmony Universe was a project begun by Recon777 and DuvetofReason in 2016, containing a comprehensive timeline dating back to the beginning of time, some 150,000 years prior to MLP:FiM and extending another 50,000 years after. There is a continuous dramatic narrative that spans the entire timeline, following ponykind and many other races of creatures, across the reaches of the cosmos, as they struggle against forces bent on their destruction or domination.

What can you expect here? News and updates. Finished chapters. Artwork. Discussion or Q/A. Occasional snippets of unfinished work just for fun. Things like that.

Black Feather will be a trilogy. It already has a lot of finished content in the form of chapters which some of you have already seen. The first twenty-one chapters are mostly finished. Details on this progress will be provided within the forum.

Special note for any lingering fans of my original project, wondering how that all fits into this.

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So, will any completed chapters be posted, EVER? I mean, directly on the story page, not on forums.

Nice group here.
Hope this project works out in the end. I hope you're not under too much pressure Recon, but if you are, take your time.

426016 I understand, but the rules of the New Groups are very strict. Only new groups may enter.

I am, however, glad that your project is gaining new ground. You've come far.

May need a refresher. This group has been entirely reset, repurposed, and rebranded. :twilightsmile:

Prepare yourself! The potential for a mass influx of new members joining your group has just been raised. Your group is now listed in New Groups.

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