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Those of you you love Nyx and write your own extensions to her tale by Pen Stroke can post your stories here and read stories by other Nyx fans as well.

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Hello everyone! I'm Shade Nightingale, and I'm happy to join this group! I present my story, The Sixth Alicorn, for your consideration. It's a sort of Past Sins AU, where Nyx is raised by none other than Queen Chrysalis. You can read it here:


Thanks so much for having me!

Is Nyx ( and the whole Past Sins thing) still a thing in this new year of 2020? If so come walk the streets of Canterlot with Nyxie tonight on this cold and festive winter night

I made a thing. If you like things.

This story explores Nyx's first year as a student at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and the challenges she faces within. Adapting to the academic demands of the most rigorous school in Equestria. Creating a new social circle with the help of her old friend Dinky. Maintaining a long-distance relationship with her beloved Rumble. Having to deal with the expectations of her classmates and professors, expectations that attach to her due to her very special nature.

It's all so much... the last thing she needs is for her presence in Canterlot to trigger an all-out war, the most ferocious Equestria has faced in a millennia, as a fanatical army pours over the borders, convinced that Nyx's very existence is an imminent threat to all life on the planet. Even worse is that the invaders may not at all be wrong... as long-hidden fragments of myths and legend from Equestria's very ancient and purposefully hidden past start appearing out of the gloom of antiquity....

There is no actual text of the story there just yet.... but a You Tube link. Of me reading the rough Draft of the first 2 chapters. As a preview or trailer of sorts. Still!

It also no longer has my witty and amazing comment, apparently.


I'm still in the process of making it :derpytongue2:

This group doesn't even have folders.

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