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As a child I thought we would unify against existential threats. Now I know lots of you would run towards the Alien Death rays screaming " fake news plot against the president." How very depressing.

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I made you a thing assuming you like things, and Nyx and Past Sins are still things in 2020. · 5:48am January 1st

Happy New year! What a good evening to go out at night in Canterlot and take a walk in the cold evening air, taking in the festivities and the fireworks and so on. You know who agrees? Nyx agrees. Lets go for a walk with her yes?

This story explores Nyx's first year as a student at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns and the challenges she faces within. Adapting to the academic demands of the most rigorous school in Equestria. Creating a new social circle with the help of her old friend Dinky. Maintaining a long-distance relationship with her beloved Rumble. Having to deal with the expectations of her classmates and professors, expectations that attach to her due to her very special nature.

It's all so much... the last thing she needs is for her presence in Canterlot to trigger an all-out war, the most ferocious Equestria has faced in a millennia, as a fanatical army pours over the borders, convinced that Nyx's very existence is an imminent threat to all life on the planet. Even worse is that the invaders may not at all be wrong... as long-hidden fragments of myths and legend from Equestria's very ancient and purposefully hidden past start appearing out of the gloom of antiquity....


Well okay , full confession, chances are you wont see a chapter of this story published here for at least a year, probably two, since I plan to start posting it only when the entire story is complete and polished to a publishable status. This here? this was a video I created for editing processes. It's just my voice reading a VERY rough draft of the first two chapters. So rough that I am embarrased to still show the text to my writing team. Chances are most of these actual words will be different when the text is actually published, though it's a safe bet that the events depicted in this reading will be the same in the final product. Mostly.

This is a video I generated for my own editorial uses as a way to identify awkward phrasing etc, but despite how much I hate the sound of my own voice, I liked how the emotions came through to a point where I have decided to publish it as a trailer of sorts.

When I recorded this I expected no one but myself to ever hear it , so please excuse the hacking and snorting you will hear in the first 30 minutes as I had a bad case of allergies at that point, the audio quality drastically improves after the 30 minute mark. Also, though most of my formal education took place in the English language , English is NOT my native language, something which is painfully apparent in my pronunciation at points in a way that it does not become apparent in written form. Still, I was a " drama kid" back in the day and I really liked how the EMOTION of the piece came through , and that is what I would like you to focus on as a listener. the Feel of the piece. It will probably be at least a year before I get to the point where the written text will be publishable, at which point I plan on recording a final version of each chapter.

Wait , hold on, if I just started this how is it that I have a " writing team"??? Cause this is part of Recon777's Insanely Ambitious Harmony verse. A project I have been a part of for five years. Though it is only in the last few months that I have decided to contribute my own novel length story to the project.

You can find Recon777's Black Feather here.

And more information on the project as a whole here.

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