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No swearing !!!

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Does anyone here like to rp?

It helps if you don't take me seriously in the slightest.:moustache:

you mean Abbilden and my exchanges?

quick looks through google suggest that it means "pig-dog"
So I just called you a pig-dog.

Okay...this is funny IDK How but it is

358854 well I never heard of it, just a random word that means nothing, but might be a slain word in German.

Comment posted by Stiggerzz deleted Apr 30th, 2014

358852 :unsuresweetie: repeat that. in english

358850 ummm you German isn't very good, could you put that in better German or English?

358849 ill fite u. sware on me mum, ill rek ya

.....r u 'avin a gigle m8?

358846 maybe and maybe not, depends on what my goal is.

358845 but keeping things simple is boring and I'm not a boring person!:raritydespair:
y u maek me be boring!?:raritycry:

358844 Well I am German and those ways would be 1. not responding, 2. make it simple, like 'Yup I know I'm going to hell.' 3. fuck you and see you in hell.

Comment posted by Stiggerzz deleted Apr 30th, 2014

358842 oh smart move, not really, I can think of a few better ways.plus I don't know you at all.

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