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This is a family-friendly group dedicated to creating a collection of stories and discussions that are free from sexually explicit or morally objectionable content. If you're tired of how often shipping stories end up getting dirty, then this is the place for you. We are especially interested in happy and sweet shipping stories :twilightsmile:

Mostly - do what you like as long as it's clean and something safe for Woona. We are all for the freedom of liking what you like so long as you have some common decency while you are here.

To be clear, this is just a group dedicated to having fun with the MLP fandom without resorting to pony-porn. We are not, however, a hate group. The purpose of this group is not to deprive folks who enjoy their sexually explicit fetishes - it is simply to make a safe zone for those who want to not have to worry about stumbling across such things.

Please post your romantic, happy, clean stories here for us all to enjoy.

And by all means, talk about your favorite ships. :twilightsmile: The cuter, the better.

Mind you, shipping is not the focus of this group. It is, however, acceptable so long as it's kept clean. Mild sexual insinuations are permitted, but please avoid explicit descriptions.

The focus here is to have a happy, friendly, clean, and positive environment where we can all have fun and play or share.

Yes, there are already groups like this around, but the difference is quite literally that I am here. And "I" am very proactive in moderating as is my crew. If ever anyone asks a question, we are there to answer. Put your stories in here and we'll give you our honest opinion of them. :twilightsmile: Its what we do.

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We must obey the little Woona

401328 lol that is indeed what this group is about. ^_^
and yes, adorableness is the goal here. Though the banner is all Recon's doing, hes a genius here ^w^

I love this group. I am so sick and tired of seeing pony sex stories on FiMfiction, and I was just browsing one of the other groups I joined when I found this. I love the concept, and... Well, I just don't know what else to say other than 'Thank you for making this group!' :pinkiehappy: (And by the way, the group icon for this is frickin' ADORABLE. :rainbowkiss:)

Well, you're actually the ideal member of this group then. The types of stories you write seem to be exactly what the target theme of the group is.

And yes, while there are a few romance stories on the group, it is a bit of a touchy subject because it's so easy to "cross the line" with them. There are a few things which may have to be excluded to keep the group more in line with its core vision. And when we announce what to do about that, I expect there will be more than a little protesting, unfortunately.

Welcome aboard!

Hi! I'm a cute-fic writer, and I'm not ashamed of that. Actually, I'm quite proud of it. A quick look at my library will tell you how I'm dedicated to the cute side of FIMfic. What attracted me to pony fanfiction was the wonderful world the show writers created for FIM. I wanted to play in their sandbox. But for me that means obeying the rules of the sandbox. I try to stay solidly within the world of MLP:FIM, to respect the show's sensibilities. Oh, every Nightmare Night I like to celebrate with a little turn towards the dark side, but even here I never resort to gore. My model for writing horror is not Slasher flicks or torture porn; I try to emulate the Twilight Zone. Rod Serling never resorted to gore, why should I?

I think I've found a good home for my stories here. My only possible conflict with the group is that there seem to be a lot of romantics here, and I'm not one of them. I don't write shipping stories (I have nothing against this, I'm just not interested in it myself). I'm pleased to be here.

Certainly ^_^
Ill even make a topic for it gimme a tick

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