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Ever found yourself conflicted between the adorable Fluttershy, and the brash Rainbow? Or maybe you just can't decide between Twi and Rarity when it comes to best pony? Well, this group is definitely the one for you.

This group is for literature focused on the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, also known as the Mane Six— other main characters such as Spike, Starlight, and Sunset included. Because who just doesn't love reading about the lovely, miniature, and multicolored ponies— and dragon— that live in the main setting of Friendship is Magic?

 Frequently Asked Questions

[Q]: Are the Cutie Mark Crusuaders allowed?
[A]: Unfortunately, no. While stories of them supporting allowed characters is fine, nothing with them as the main focus. This group is only focused on the ponies that hold the powers of the Elements of Harmony, or characters that they're extremely close too. And while the CMC are close to basically half of the M6, they've yet to have any interaction with the Elements of Harmony.

[Q]: What about EQG, or humanized?
[A]: As long as it's focused on the allowed characters.

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Hi! Thanks for the invite <3

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