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Sanguine Eyes

I am the high priest of Snuggloth the dark one, I am the champion of his armies, the undisputed king of Snuggles.... fear me

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Beautiful · 4:35am February 21st

I worked with my friend MLPDarkSparx from Equestria Amino to get this up and going. To be fair, he did everything because I have Zero artistic capability. But I did provide all the source material for him.

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It's not that big a deal.

Dunno... ask the the guy who thought it was

2543831 How is the amino a circle jerk?


wonder if the circle-jerk that was Equestria Amino wasn't good enough for you

Don't cut yourself on that edge. :rainbowlaugh:

O_o?? who are you... and...um.. no... The Amino is fking amazing.. I just come back here because a few of my friends beg me to every once and a blue moon. That and I always keep up with my stories.

The circle jerk is right here on the amino, thankfully most of the circle jerks I pissed off have been banned or thrown apart due to their pathetic nature never having the consistency to last.

  • Viewing 410 - 414 of 414
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