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Sanguine Eyes

I am the high priest of Snuggloth the dark one, I am the champion of his armies, the undisputed king of Snuggles.... fear me

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Downvote bomb · 10:44am November 11th

I wonder what special snowflake I offended now...

I saw change in the number of votes on my store is so I took a look and each one has received at least one down vote.
And people wonder why I call this place toxic LOL XD

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I got it when I deus vult'ed the high priest of cuddles in the name of snuggloth

Where did that title come from?

Snuggle "overlord"
or rather high priest of Snuggloth the dark one

but not much... just trying to get some crap up and started


HEYO! So what have I missed, Mr. Snuggle Underlord? XD

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