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Imma try and get this going · 4:53pm Dec 26th, 2018

Before I start my new story Imma try and revamp and finish Pony scrolls 2

I've go a lot of shite to do, and I don't like having unfinished stuffs just laying around.

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NSFW content. · 9:59pm Dec 18th, 2018

Ok... so I've always been really shaky on this. I've even made whole groups to protest the inclusion of NSFW content and ponies as a valid mix.

I still don't quite like smut for the sake of smut, but as I work on my Fallout Equestria story, I've come to notice that some level of sexual content is kinda just par for the course.

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Finally finished · 2:04pm Dec 5th, 2018

Ok... so I finally finished my story Militis Corde.

There will be a few bonus chapters that explain a few things that go on way later with our favorite drunk catbird.

But the story itself is completed.

Please, if you haven't already... Give it a good read.

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Update · 5:02am Nov 6th, 2018

If you follow my Fallout Equestria story, Changed fates. I have a wee bit of news.

First, I redid the first chapter so it doesn't start off so abruptly and gives just a little more background on Lexicon.

Second, I might be getting a chapter by chapter read by Plagen Shiki on his youtube channel.

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Beautiful · 4:35am Feb 21st, 2018

I worked with my friend MLPDarkSparx from Equestria Amino to get this up and going. To be fair, he did everything because I have Zero artistic capability. But I did provide all the source material for him.

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#SFTSG · 5:24pm Feb 20th, 2018

Snuggles for the snuggle god!

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new content · 12:01pm Jan 28th, 2018

Still working on all my stories, but I got brand new cover art for Militis Corde

Ill be getting chapter 4 of Changed fates up soon and Ill get into chapter 8 of Militis Corde as well.

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New story · 3:51pm Jan 6th, 2018

I finally got my Fo:E story up and running, Ill be adding more to it as I go along, but boy howdy did it turn out good ^_^
Even some usually skeptical people are giving me good reviews... I'm happy.

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Downvote bomb · 10:44am Nov 11th, 2017

I wonder what special snowflake I offended now...

I saw change in the number of votes on my store is so I took a look and each one has received at least one down vote.
And people wonder why I call this place toxic LOL XD

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My first Fallout Equestria story coming soon ^_^ · 12:03pm Nov 3rd, 2017

Im almost finished with chapter three.... There will be plenty of future work done on this puppy... but I would love to get some feedback. I mean I get a ton of feedback on the Aminos. I know I'm not all that popular here, but Ill still post my work. I hope you guys at some level enjoy it ^_^

I just have to finish chapter three then I can publish all three of the first chapters.

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