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Sanguine Eyes

I am the high priest of Snuggloth the dark one, I am the champion of his armies, the undisputed king of Snuggles.... fear me


Coming to as if he was only just created and fleeing dangerous foes without a single scrap of knowledge as to who, what, or even why he is, a single griffon races to find answers. He does well in finding somepony interested in helping him and finding out exactly what is wrong. He just never expected it to be royalty. His life being empty, save for a princess or two hoping in and trying to assist alleviating his pain. He fills the terrible dark gap in his soul any way he can, which gets him in trouble in more than one way.

Special thanks to Tathem Relag and Earl for their masterful editing and proof reading.
The art provided was by amazing artists Nick Valentine and Earl from Equestrian Amino.

(Please note that this story varies lightly from canon. The story does not feature known characters like Starlight Glimmer or Thorax, additionally, events in the story imply noncanon things like Changelings being incapable of turning into skittlebugs, and some minor headcanon on a few various topics.)

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This is my thank you/love note to my fans and followers. You all give me hope and I love you for it.

The following is a story about a few ponies and other such beings being sucked into a story which changes rapidly as they progress to the exit, and back into freedom. Despite some possibly not wanting to leave.
Warning: contains a lot of meta humor

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When a pony named Magnus accidentally comes to Equestria with his rather violent brother the two rush to find a way back to their own home. However, they first must get help with the local royalty which proves to be harder by the minute with how much Magnus's brother keeps trying to kill local ponies out of annoyance.

Teen for violence and language

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Over three thousand years ago, an ancient conflict lead to the creation of the Kingdom of the north from the Wolf tribes of the Susi. That nation is now reaching out to Equestria. However, Celestia's wrath is all that meets the King of the wolves. It may be up to an un-involved Princesses to resolve this conflict before war erupts.

(Anthro tag is ONLY for the wolves, no anthro ponies)

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Not all of Equestria's once vanquished enemies are so easily defeated, nor were they all set on a single goal of domination or theft. Very few were both willing and capable of simply destruction.

One oddly named unicorn long since banished in the age of darkness returns. Quickly proving to be far more than just a hoof full, he spreads his influence like a plague throughout Equestria. But beware he may just prove to be as deadly as he is annoying.

[Sorry, cancelled due to lack of interest and canon events. I might remake it though.]

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Fleeing war and death, the Council left its home with its massive forged world hoping to endure the last crusade. The Golden crusade where they would find the Monarch and in the end peace. Its been three million years, most of it spent in dreams and long cold sleep among the endless void. The immortal rulers of the three council races find the world of Equis and decide it may be time to end their impossibly long voyage. Why continue when there is utterly no hope. Will Equestria be a beacon of renewed hope or a mass grave for these three ancient races?

(No actual humans, but very human like aliens exist and mentions of humanity occur.)

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Darkness can eat away at one's soul; darkness and fear was all he knew for a thousand years. A brutal, near death, defeat has weakened this once nigh invincible Stallion of Darkness. It is now up to the least likely of heroes to unknowingly cure the pain and loss of his soul; hopefully he can regain it and light the fires in his long cold heart.

After you read the story please read this

Youtube reading
Amazing youtube reading and apparently act HanaYoriUta Lol total awesomeness

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Jedi Master Shen Tsetsuhara the war sage, widely regarded as a demigod of the lightsaber. Darth Sanguine the seeker and keeper of secrets, the only Sith who could easily stand against Naga Sadow and oddly the only one who was content with a title below "Lord of the Sith"
Easily the two greatest warriors known to the galaxy during the great hyperspace war. They went missing before the bloodshed finally ended. No one knows where they went after their final battle on the republic flagship Trinitie's Breath. But yeah no one in the known galaxy is going to know what happened to them. No one will ever know their never ending conflict, their countless years of battles. No one save for one specific princess of Friendship who is not alone in her desire to end so many years of painful war. However, she may find its a LOT more complicated than just some petty hate or loyalty to one's cause.

huzzah my first one shot, this is more or less just a bit of fun and funny philosophy. Two characters I have used in other stories off site, I just wanted to bring them back into my fun filled days and see how they would do in Equestria. Sorry its so long, I just wanted to be sure I got everything in it ^_^

youtube reading by Rakkit_Brony

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Unwilling to wait another 40 years to meet her friends again, Twilight is considering time magic to try and drag Legendary three's time to her own and then reset the anchor. But with uncertainty and a hesitant leader of Equestria there are more than just a few simple obstacles in her way. Can Twilight really move time with certainty? Will she succeed in convincing others to help her? And if she actually manages to move time and open the gateway what really will lay before her on such an uncertain pathway?
Lets find out shall we?

This is a sequel to Equestrian Scrolls I: Epic Pony Tales I recommend you read it first if you haven't.

Official edited by the amazing and talented PixelReality

And here is some art donated to the cause by the wonderful and talented Leftover of Saikano who was kind enough to give this elder scrolls ish themed piece.

It was not what I needed for my story but it was too wonderful to pass up.

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During the rise of the Regal Sisters and the fall of the Heads of the Three Tribes, political strife ruled the land. The three tribes were ponies and the old ways often prevented other kinds of ponies to be accepted as a part of the new kingdom. But as fate and Luna would have it four unlikely heroes are pulled together and fight to preserve the rule of the Regal Sisters under the name of the Princess of the Night. Four bat ponies, a loyal soldier and one of Luna's personal Dream Walkers, a heartless assassin, a young foolish stallion chasing a legacy he may never have, and... an obscenely resourceful little filly who loves to play and eat cookies.
All these rather unlikely heroes must battle their way through the corrupt ranks of the leaders of the three tribes who are mounting a resistance to the Regal Sisters and making plans for a different empire where only three races would reign supreme. Not everyone is fit for Duty under Princess Luna but for their own fate and the fates of their princess they must pull through or see the only hope they have fall through into darkness.

Very special thanks to:
Cookiechip For lending the story her OC to this project, proofreading, character checking, and assisting with the story content.
TheLunarRepublic2244 For lending his OC to the project, proofreading, and assisting with story content and character development.
SouthernCross For lending the project his OC, content development, proofreading, editing, and keeping us all on our toes. And for showing me up with his unreal English skills. :rainbowlaugh:

This story is the start of a series that branches off into various stories unique to each contributors OC.
We have high hopes for this story and will be exceedingly happy to post any and all fan art (along with proper recognition) donated to the cause.

Art is being made and hopefully we can pretty this project up as we progress. Even if no one donates art to it.

First fan art was submitted by the AMAZING Jazzy Q

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