• Published 23rd Jun 2016
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Is Brotherly Violence Magic? - Sanguine Eyes

Two ponies...errr...individuals come to Equestria through a very strange method. Twilight and the other princesses help these two get home while being baffled by their odd perceptions of magic

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Chapter 3: Wolf King of Fenris

The roars shook the palace and trembled the mountain. The two Alicorns dashed through the halls trying desperately to get to the makeshift prison. The red one eye'ed Alicorn intentionally moved ahead feeling his much smaller friend would most likely not be able to stand up against what he was certain was coming, his brother was not called the wolf king of Fenris for nothing, and he was certain that the odd magics in this realm were very likely to change Leman just as they had changed Magnus.

"Listen... Twilight, before we get there. I want you to stay back, my brother is EXTREMELY powerful and is unlike anything you have ever seen..."

Twilight smirked and lifted her chin confidently. "I may be a princess and I may not be all that big, but me and my friends have stood up against monsters like Tirek and Sombra, I doubt tha-"

She was cut off as Celestia blasted through the door they were just approaching and continued topping end over end until she by sheer force of magic and physical might, righted herself and dug her hooves into the marble floors. The moment she came to a stop she bolted back out at a five story tall wolf sitting in the small courtyard clearing.

"... Yup... That is what I was afraid of, And I think the transformation is making him a wee bit more bonkers than before..." Magnus grumbled biting his lip. As Twilight stared with wide eyes and shrunken pupils.


"The suppression spell is wearing through. I either need to reapply it to him or break the natural magical hold this realm has on him. Then he will turn back to his normal self."

"What then?" Twilight stared up at him, worry plastered across her face.

"Then we are not fighting a giant wolf...." He stared straight ahead trying to think of what to do next as he spotted a heavy axe hanging on the wall. Moving closer, his magic tore it from its place and he closed his eye. Focusing his power inwards to feel the fine layer of Equestrian magic coating his soul and altering his physical form. "Twilight!... this will take just a few seconds. Go and get everyone out of the courtyard... EVERYONE!... not just the guards. Then get to a safe distance. If you have anything similar to artillery then do me a favor and bring it to bear on Leman as soon as possible..."

Twilight stalled for a moment then nodded quickly bolting out shouting warnings and orders of which, all the guards were all too happy to follow. However, one certain Princess of the sun seemed to ignore all else as she desperately did battle with the wolf. Twilight flew in quickly to try and relay the information. However, she witness something she would never forget.

Celestia swooped in low at very high speeds forming a mass of magical energy as managed to get under the wolf and then rocket upwards into its belly. Leman cringed and doubled over as he puked and out of his mouth plopped Luna.

"BLAAAH!!! HOLY SOLAR SPANKINGS...YOU ATE ME YOU BUCKING INGRATE!!!" Spitting and spewing bile and saliva, Luna quickly bolted away coming to a halt as she reached the walls. Celestia met her there and quickly Twilight made her way there as well.

"HE ATE YOU?... w...what?.... what?" Twilight flustered and panicked as it dawned on her that Leman had been saying he would eat them for a while. Panic shot back up inside her as she came to the realization that he may literally eat her if she were to help fight.

"What in Equestria happened?" Celestia held her sister, looking her over for injuries, though Luna brushed her off and glared up at the monstrous wolf who turned and glared at them all starting a slow advance.

"I don't know sister, he just started to growl, then to laugh then he grew. He grew literally to that size and snapped his cage to pieces. The last thing I saw was his mouth opening as he rushed me." Luna shuttered but the quickening pace of the gallop of a heavy wolf stopped the conversation.

Twilight took to the skies quickly followed by Luna and Celestia. "Princess Celestia!... Magnus says he can help fight, but we have to get everypony clear of the courtyard and get artillery on Leman. What can we get on short notice?"

Celestia's horn glowed bright, she did not bother responding right away. "We will do for now... Twilight, go and alert all local pegasus. Get anypony you can here to bring in thunder clouds. Tell them it is utterly vital that they stay as far away as possible from Leman." She stopped and looked down at the courtyard. Curious at Leman's continued advance despite that they had already flown out of range. They all watched as he pounced on somepony who was too slow. They were tempted to dive in and try to save him. But, all at once they hesitated when they heard Blueblood's voice screaming for help before Leman Russ tossed him up and swallowed him whole upon returning to mouth level.

"... Well at least the casualty count will be low...." They all shared a nervous and somewhat guilty few nods of agreement before they turned and charged their horns, preparing to bombard the giant wolf from far above him.

Magnus opened his eye and his magic roared up in flames as the warp energy swirled about him. He stood on two legs and as the last layer was peeled away his form blasted away the last of the pony form. He flexed his fingers and brought the axe into his right hand before charging into the courtyard just in time to see Leman leap high snapping at three princesses that were only just barely out of reach. However, as he fell back to the ground his tail whirled about and swatted one of them out of the sky. Twilight landed with a yelp of pain. Her right foreleg bled and she struggled to get back up and shake off the pain as he wings spread. But she was far too late. A pair of wolf jaws closed in over her.

Twilight clenched her eyes shut waiting for the inevitable quick pain before empty blackness. But instead she got booted in the head. Standing up she heard growls and yells as she saw something massive standing in the mouth of the giant wolf. Easily 10 feet tall. His grip held firm onto Leman's teeth as a pair of boots firmly pressed into his lower jaw. His other foot was back and bracing against the ground which did not help him much.

"Brother! fight it... The magic of this realm is effecting your head. This is not you!" Magnus tightened his grip hesitating to actually swing the axe into his own brother.

"Oh suck my balls Magnus!... you had your fun, now I'm having mine!" He spoke messily with his mouth open, letting out annoyed growls as Celestia and Luna blasted him with magic.

"Magnus?... is that you?" She looked back and tried to stand, wincing and gritting her teeth at the pain in her foreleg

"Twilight... run... get back into the sky and get yourself and them up higher than that... I have to have a personal conversation with brother dearest here..." Twilight nodded, still worried and fearful. She got to her hooves keeping off her injured leg, her wings spread and the moment Twilight took off still wincing at the pain of her leg, Magnus swung the axe and sank it into his brother's nose. Quickly he recoiled with an annoyed growl shaking his head hard, Magnus with it.

Magnus finally lost his grip and smashed into the far wall before flaring up his magic once more. Connecting to the warp on a deep level he allowed his body to soak in all the power he could manage quickly growing in size until he had nearly doubled in height. Celestia and Luna stared down in awe before Twilight caught up with them and explained it.

It did not take long for the fight to get very messy. Buildings were quickly getting knocked over and shattered. The air filled with smoke and screams. Soon not only did all the pegasus around show up to start raining down lightning onto the giant wolf, but the wonderbolts too showed up to dish out the electrostatic pain. Soon even chariots carrying more unicorns appeared in the sky. Though to their frustration Leman seemed to utterly ignore them despite obvious heavy burns in his fur and on his back. Instead the giant wolf seemed 100% dedicated to fighting the 20 foot tall red giant who was slugging him with his fists and blasting him with magic.

As the time dragged on the courtyard and all surrounding buildings were practically rubble and the extensive power of three alicorns and a few dozen unicorns combined with nearly two hundred blasts of lightning over the length of two hours, finally made the giant wolf stagger. Magnus jumped on the opportunity mounting up on Leman's neck to choke him out with a scissor hold as he forced his way into the magical hold that bound his brother into his bestial form. Magnus's one eye glowed bright and he clenched down on his brother's neck with all his might. Straining to keep him down for the safety of this one beautiful world.

Shredding through the layers of magical power that the realm pushed onto Leman, Magnus tore away at them with immense effort and focus as his brother kicked and squirmed. In his new wolfy form he lacked any hands or any real methods of getting Magnus off of him. To his credit however, Leman never stopped fighting despite the lengthy excessive choking that would have ended the life of any lesser being. Magnus's physical body held his brother as his psychic form tore away at the magical barriers, he could only just barely see his brother's true form under the last layer of magic.

Seizing the last layer he tore it off with all his might and returned to his body. The very moment his eye snapped back, Magnus rose his hands and clenched them into fists like ceramite and with a mighty roar and every last ounce of his strength he brought his fists into the back of his brother's head.

The sound was booming and it had an instant result. His blow, combined with the magical power being ripped off of him created a shock that finally combined with the constant bombardment had brought Leman into unconsciousness.

Releasing his magical form Magnus quickly returned to his normal 8 feet of height just as Leman's wolfy form turned back to his original massive human form. Magnus sat firmly, his labored breathing was interrupted with a laugh. Slow at first then he slipped into a fit of the giggles

"Ha!.... stupid furry fuck... I finally beat you..." He smiled happily and leaned back against the wall as three exhausted and concerned princesses landed near him.

"Is it over?... is it safe?" Luna inched forward still quite cautious after being eaten the first time.

"In a matter of speaking, yes. He is out cold. But he will wake up and he will even in this form, still most likely try and eat you. It will be best if we put him back in a ca..." His one eye opened wide and his expression of satisfaction vanished. The princesses too noticed it. Looking at his own hand he saw the warp energies amassing over his body. "... I removed the seals, could it really be that simple?... The seals appeared the moment we entered this world, I added my own power on them to prevent us from... well this... but..." He stared at the gathering energies.

"Magnus... what is happening?" Twilight looked at him worry thick on her face.

"I broke the seals that gave us forms that was suitable for this world. That seal was a part of this world. By rejecting it, this world is now rejecting us. We are being thrown back into the warp!"

Luna and Celestia shared a sigh of relief and Twilight grit her teeth. "But... but we were going to figure it out!! please, stay... I want to know more about you... about your worlds, your culture..."

Magnus stood up and though he had to lean over to do it, he patted her gently and shoot his head no. "Please, Twilight. This is important. Do NOT try to follow us. Do not search for me. The warp is a dark and twisted place. The Imperium of man is a hateful and fearful people. They kill anything that is not human. They hunt those who can use magic, they treat magic as some sick twisted thing that needs to be guarded. The warp is not safe, none of it.... none of what my realm is.... can be good for this place... Thank you Twilight, thank you so much. You have done more for me than most ever have. This land of yours, it is a Psyker's paradise... the darkness does not touch here. These few days, they have been wonderful. Please do not forget me..." His hand on her head began to phase out of existence as he scratched her ears playfully. "I yearn to place as free as yours... please never forget me and never let this land become any lesser than it is. Fight back the darkness and keep this realm safe. If ever I return... we will read every last book in your entire library together." He smiled warmly and she desperately grasped at his fading image only to find her hooves meeting cold air as the last of their presence vanished.

"Magnus...." Twilight's voice sounded out into the cold air of the night.


He could feel his consciousness returning as something harshly grabbed him by the hair and hauled him back into the physical world. He could feel the warp closing firmly as he lay in a pile with Leman, dazed and confused. That is until his father's open hand slapped him up across the head.

"Wake up mop hair!" The slap was two fold bringing forward then back across his face. The sound of Leman mumbling and stumbling about at the same time told him that Magnus was not being singled out.

"Father?... I... We are back?" The Emperor of Man stared down at his sons as one hand shot out and grabbed Leman by the head.

"Slow down you obnoxious drunk... what happened?" His gaze bounced between Magnus and Leman.

Magnus hesitated not wanting to reveal what he knew in fear that the mere chance that Equestria would not be left alone. His eyes went to Leman as Magnus prepared to counter everything his brother said.

"Father... I was just teasing him... all I remember is swatting him over the head and everything went dark... Did you hit me you cyclops book banging little shit?" Magnus froze up in in surprise and in disbelief. Whether it was the magic, or the smack over the head, Leman did not appear to remember Equestria.

"Yes..." A monotone voice spoke out. "He did strike you, and the warp enveloped you both, me and Vulcan both witnessed it, all you managed to do about it was flail about like a fish out of water..."

"Shut your mouth Rogal... I could have handled it... but... I still don't know why... Why does my head hurt so damned bad?" Leman rubbed the two large lumps on the back of his head, now swelled up to a single red lump.

"As long as you two are alright." The Emperor swatted them both upside the head. "Now, Leman, no more disturbing Magnus when he is doing warpspace ooga booga horse shit, and Magnus, don't do warpspace ooga booga horse shit here in the temple. Do that somewhere else where a little bump is not going to suck you and some other poor sod into the warp for a few days."

Magnus hid his joy that the pure realm he had found was spared. "Y...yes father."

Leman grumbled before he received another smack over the head. "I will spank you, you drunk little furry brat"

"FINE!!!... But Im going back to Fenris for a month..." He stormed off angrily.

Magnus looked up at his father. It was almost never that anyone stood up for him. It was refreshing, but not nearly as refreshing as the bright eyed blissful girl he had left behind in that perfect world free of darkness and the taint of the warp, the taint of hate and fear that plagued humanity. "Father, I am going back to Prospero for a while, I have some things I need to work on."

The Emperor nodded and sighed as he walked off. Watching him leave without concern was one such memory that remained with him. The unknown methods and motives of his father. Despite all Magnus's might and mind, he could never begin to understand his own father. But, his thoughts on this would have to wait.

He turned and gathered a mass of power that surpassed almost all others on Terra, with a single forced blast of power he opened his eye on Prospero with a genuinely happy smile as he pulled out from under his cloak a small book for his private library. He flipped it open as he made his way to his private chambers disregarding any who spoke to him. His fingers trailed over the cover looking at the title with a soothing hapiness. Magic and beyond theoretical possibilities. By Starswirl the Bearded

"Don't worry princess, its a library book, I'll return it some day"

Author's Note:

ok this was a rush job. Ill sweep through it later for corrections of which I am sure many are needed.
I was just desperate to get this up and going. There is only one more chapter to this. And its more of a happy afterward. But I HAVE to read a book first. Don't worry, Ill get her done later.