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Unwilling to wait another 40 years to meet her friends again, Twilight is considering time magic to try and drag Legendary three's time to her own and then reset the anchor. But with uncertainty and a hesitant leader of Equestria there are more than just a few simple obstacles in her way. Can Twilight really move time with certainty? Will she succeed in convincing others to help her? And if she actually manages to move time and open the gateway what really will lay before her on such an uncertain pathway?
Lets find out shall we?

This is a sequel to Equestrian Scrolls I: Epic Pony Tales I recommend you read it first if you haven't.

Official edited by the amazing and talented PixelReality

And here is some art donated to the cause by the wonderful and talented Leftover of Saikano who was kind enough to give this elder scrolls ish themed piece.

It was not what I needed for my story but it was too wonderful to pass up.

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damn it I wanted to see her blow something up.

Promising start but even counting the prequel there just isn't enough of it. What you do have just leaves me craving for more.

Though I do have to recommend that you get an editor or proof-reader to go through the whole story a couple of times. It felt like there were some words missing here and there.

6848308 oh there is, But I dont know if its luck or just people, I have yet to find anyone who wants to proof read or edit my stuff with any real accuracy

am I the only one that wanted to she twilight bitch slap celestia

6850527 lol I almost put that in there XD

6850688 ha that would have made it so funny think you can put it in later

6858169 lol I was a little afraid it would be a bit much what with Shining Armor's part in it XD

6858181 I think it was a little stretched, but other then that, it was a pretty good chapter, definitely a good read!

.... yeah if I saw my brother's junk Id want to erase it from my mind too

... FFFFF, Damn it shiny she was on a bucking roll. You should have let her finish! Also Twi the Magical genius FTW, I honestly think she'll gain the interest of the Psyjic Order for this feat. I mean it's not everyday a new race steals something as important as a Citadel from the realms of Oblivion.

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!. Good chapter mate! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm, shiny had better tell them soon.

SKYFORGE STEEL!!! I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!!! but... why is he with a little Khajiit?

that its kinda meh!

Kinda meh?
no, this was a cool chapter, sure I was expecting a little more for them reuniting and I did kinda see this bit coming but hey, its still cool. I like it :twilightsmile:

it feels like its been quite a while since I read this last I await the next chapter patiently... now please excuse me as I look for other stories till the next chapter arrives.

So awesome I just reread this and got a good dose of Physics Breaking Twilight. I hope this comes back too.

I haven't added to this in a long time... I really should...

Hey no rush. When I tried writing and ended up with writer's block I found it harder the more I tried to muscle through it, that's just my personal experience at least. So I am happy to know that this story isn't dead yet, cause I've seen stories go to Hiatus the to canceled before, for any number of reasons. So just knowing that you feel like this story could/should move forward just means that there's hope for it. :twilightsmile:

oh no worries about that.
The only reason this one went on Hiatus was more or less because I have a lot more successful stories out there at the moment. Militis Corde is a big hit on the amino. Every chapter gets dozens of likes within minutes of its release.
Hell I have a dedicated fanbase over there.


It's Pinkie Pie. 'Nuff said.

Are you going to try to complete this story now that Equestrian Scrolls I: Epic Pony Tales is complete?

Equestrian Scrolls one has been complete for over a year. I'm remastering it, but yes... I will do my best to finish this one as well. I am however, working on my Fallout Equestria story and I have another story in the works.

Has yet another epic tale passed into the void?!

I'll be continuing this one, I just have to finish up a few things first.

It hasn't quite ended, I'm just working on better content at the moment.

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