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Luna's life did not just pick back up again right were it left off when she returned from the moon. Ponies got left behind, forgotten. And of those few who supported Luna and the night, some saw Celestia's actions to be treason. When a painful piece of Luna's past returns to do more than just haunt her, all of Equestria might just fall to the pained wrath of one pony's legacy.

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lol looks like my first chapter of my first attempt was a bit of a hit or miss.
It looks as though my lack of knowledge in the lore has come back to haunt me.
quick few notes here: firstly I wrote this entire thing in just a few minutes seeing that I just joined minutes before writing the story. I have a bit of a distance to go before I develop my skill to a higher level.
MLP is NOT my usual realm of writing and the lore I do know of it is due to babysitting my niece who forces me to watch it. For the most part these stories are ones I write for my niece but then its fun to write so I will throw one or two of my characters into the fray to see how it goes. but this one specifically is for my niece...or rather was. I am having a bit too much fun with it. however as the likes and dislikes go I am a tad saddened that it has not gotten much positive feedback. If the likes are heavily outnumbered by the dislikes I will not likely continue this specific story.
However for those who give a thumbs up, thank you for the support. thumbs down....well lol thank you for being honest ^_^
(I tried to put this into an authors note but it didnt work for some reason. Maybe its just my newness to the site, I did something and it didnt work)

LOL I know people like to hate and leave but can I at least hear what is "wrong" with my stuff? Im not going to whine and ask for positive feedback only. I just want to know what to do to make it better?
is it because its not all fluffy lovey dovey friendship stuff?
more of a realistic political bit and thought?
or is it not realistic enough?
granted I really feel like I am just talking to the sky right now

lol I have got to get more sleep before each one of these
I had to go back and edit like four times on this last chapter. one of the edits was the name of the chapter. had it labeled "chapter 2: out from the shadows" XD
but thankfully I am getting better with the form. my first chapter is very plainly written just action/words/action/words/action/words
while the second one is the same with a little more formation now its a little more balanced. each paragraph has actions and or some words. I still need some work and Im sure I did SOMETHING wrong but the point of writing like this is to improve and eventually produce something everyone can enjoy and that is free from annoying mistakes XD

oh come on!!!
you have to make someone who sounds fking awesome and then kill him off right away?

sonic Borealis? like the aurora borealis?
this shit be awesome. SUBSCRIBED!!!! how do you follow someone on this thing?
dude... more...please XD this is awesome...and LOL its not some retard rip off or that crap where some little kid makes a character named after himself and the thing is all about him XD
this looks like an original concept. I wish there was more of this shit
but why the hell did you put dark? there is nothing dark in there...oh no a long time ago someone died and you didn't even go into detail ohhh noes!

its going to get a little darker, just wait for it. that and I didnt want to let the story slide into the dark zone and have people whining that it wasn't labeled dark.
thank you for the support though...you are one of two people on this site apparently who bothered to even read it before telling me what you thought. granted I have a sneaking suspicion that all these dislikes are just trolls...but who knows

well hater's gonna hate fck them. lol even if you ONLY write for me keep em coming XD this shit is awesome.

lol I have to say its great to have at least SOME support lol

hrmmm a little slow...but at least you tied up the events
just get back to the fighting!! the epic plot and the death battles >w<

I noticed that too. even in the only story he writes he says fuck a lot but always leave out the U. lol I guess its his signature F word :trollestia:

Currently on a break pending editing

first chapter has been edited by EmeraldSkies

:rainbowderp: :derpyderp2: :twilightoops:
Holy donkey balls man... just let them die already :rainbowlaugh:
is that that Abyssal dart guy? :rainbowhuh:
and how the hell does he go from hero to "kill EVERYONE!!!!"? :pinkiecrazy:

5737665 lol wow I thought I was really just writing this for myself. You sure are on a lot... lol my own personal stalker XD
though Im glad you like it. This was the one I came here to make. Even though my elder scrolls crossover is getting much more attention.
Though Ill slowly keep adding to this one if not anyone else then just for me. :twilightsmile: if you want those questions answered just keep on a reading as I release it :twilightsmile:

5737682 :pinkiecrazy:
I might be a stalker
no I just love this story. Everything else is just self inserted crap. "jonny lost in equestrian!" "the adventures of rainbow dash and JD!" "Celestia in my room!" :pinkiesick:
and its not a cross over. its a refreshing new ORIGINAL idea that I like. :derpytongue2:
Also.. not a clop fic.... no offense to those cloppers out there... but I like my women with TWO legs... sure I would bang a draenie so hooves are not a no no, but a horse... I don't quite get off on horse porn. :trollestia:
so yeah your work is great, a REAL OC that isn't a representation of yourself (I hope), and an interesting story, all original. if someone doesn't like this they can go back to their horse porn, self inserts, and sonic crossovers :pinkiesick:

lol they will not be missed :trollestia:

5737867 lol well said... though... Draenei... dude... I should totally make a wow crossover XD that would be awesome.i292.photobucket.com/albums/mm29/laffett/world%20of%20warcraft%20draenei%20paladin%201280x800%20wallpaper_www.wallmay.com_10_zpskkdw57hd.jpg
get this big guy to visit equestria

5737902 as much as I love the sexy space goats, how about NO... I don't like crossovers :facehoof: Some can be fun but I would rather read one of these.
lol Hate to sound so critical but I would rather read something that took some imagination to write :rainbowlaugh:

this has my attention I will await an update

Imma take a quick absolutely livid break for as I have finished chapter 6 my computer decided to pull a fast one and close the browser which lost ALL the writing. So yes... I had ALL of chapter six which mind you was actually a rather large chapter up and ready to go when it was utterly lost to me. Writing and all just gone :flutterrage:

so now I have to take a break before I even think of trying to do it again... or ... you know... :pinkiecrazy:

gonna have to wait a wee bit for a new chapter. no worries. I know its already been a while but Ill get to it.
FINALLY landed a new job AND just got a full schedule for college so Imma be a little pressed or time but I will try and get a new chapter out soon. this goes for all of my current stories

7001200 Thank you, My editor has yet to touch this story XD

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