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A warrior from a distant land is stolen from her home and brought to Equestria — literally kicking and screaming. Worse still, she is told that there will be no return trip. Can a woman who has known hell and battle her entire life grow accustomed to a land without such hardships, or will she fall back into old habits?

League of Legends < > My Little Pony

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I like it, keep it up :scootangel:

Riven! i fucking love Riven!
I'll read this first thing in the morning.

Interesting. Please continue.

Not a fan of HiE at all, however this one seems decent. I'll give it a try.

any other league members gonna join riven?

You want specifics? That would be telling. But maybe... and if one did, you've already been introduced to him.

Is this like a crossover between something and mlp? If so could you please elaborate on that "something".

Indeed. It's a League of Legends crossover. I suppose I just assumed anyone who cared would know that, but I'll add in your suggestion for the sake of the uninitiated. :coolphoto:

Thank you. I have a feeling that that's gonna clear up alot in the future. :twilightblush:

Oh. My. God. Riven in Equestria? Yes!! :yay:

So much win, you're a genius for coming up with this little plot bunny. The execution was well written and delivered to. I've seen you around the site in the comments of stories so it was nice to see a familiar face come up with a great story concept like this. Something to keep in mind: this story being about Riven, one champion of like 100 in the League of Legends game, does mean most people won't realize/know where she's from etc. So expect confusion and ignorance on that front.

It's off to a great start, I'll be keeping an eye on this! :twistnerd:

This chapter, I like it.

I was hoping Sona would be coming on over. Sona/Scratch/Octavia love triangle?

Good story and keep up the good work. But i wonder is the story pic will have any direct connection to the story or is it just a pic of pony riven?:rainbowhuh:

Not a fan of crossovers, but this one looks worth watching.

Research time! But seriously, even though I have no clue who Riven is, I love this story. :)
Good job, sir/madam.

Looking forward to the next chapter, I enjoy the the little Q and A sessions in these type of stories.

Same here. I'm completely lost in some areas and I still love this story. You are an awesome writer. :rainbowdetermined2:

ooooh I love playing as Riven...she so much fun bro I DEMAND MOAR :flutterrage:

.... I dont know why, but I suspect this isnt the first successfull summoning that brought something over from the LoL universe..... what? Think about it. A being made from a solidified nightmare. Nightmare Moon. Or it could be the other way around. When did Nocturne first appear? And who knows what the Elements of Harmony truely did? They purged her evil side, but where did it go?

This better not turn into some shit F/F ship

Damn. And here I was, all geared up to have Riven and Rainbow bump uglies...

... Wasnt there some half-dragon in the League to? It would be interesting if she got through.


DONT OR HELP ME GOD, I WILL downvote you and unfavorite!

Yeah, be afraid, be motha fucking afraid....watch yo self..

Oh damn, son. When you put it that way...


Which Tau world is that? (The symbol from your avatar.)

This chapter. I like it.

I'm constantly floored by the quality of your writing and the frequency of your updates. Do you have all of this done up already and are just submitting them slowly or something? Either way, well done.

I'm enjoying your characterization of both Riven and the ponies. It really feels like you have a grip on their characters and how they might react in a situation like this. The character quirks as well, are executed greatly. Pinkie being a spazz about hard frosting, Twilight's adorkableness, Rainbow and Riven being "boss" etc.

I'm liking this more and more with each new chapter, and I'd already freaked at the first one, so like, damn dude. I'm going to end up marrying a print out of this story if you go past 12 chapters at this rate. :facehoof:

Thank you kindly, and for your last comment as well. No, I don't have these done ahead of time, but I have notes and it's not hard to piece them into a workable chapter in a fairly short period of time. I'm also posting them at about a twenty or so hour interval, but for some reason this site hasn't noticed the change of day yet, so it looks like all were posted on the same date.

I'm working on the next chapter right now, so expect that up shortly. :coolphoto:

........... Well damn. Looks like i was right. Nocturne must of made it through after all.

Nocturne must of tagged along when he used a nightmare on Riven before she got summoned out of there. But damn.. Nocturne in Equestria.... I figure'd he'd hunt down every Unicorn in existance since he did hunt summoners down in their dreams to kill them.

I think Fluttershy is going to change him. She held up surprisingly well to his influence. Maybe we'll see a romance build there. Would be a total curveball.:yay:

He did indeed. There is a reason why Nocturne is targeting non-unicorns. Well, he'll be going after unicorns too, but still... REASON.

I head out for a bit and apparently missed you updating once more.

Nocturne in Equestria? Oh snap dog! I wonder how long it'll be before Luna tries to duke it out with him on the dream scape, and how that title match will turn out. He's a serious psychotic power house and she's an immortal millennium old goddess. Haha, can't wait to see how this development turns out.

Also, Twilight asking about reproduction? Most hilarious. Having Riven try to decline the cupcake Pinky had made after freaking out from the last batch was also awesome. Eat the cupcake, OR ELSE! :pinkiehappy:

Well done once more Cunning Linguist.

It's "platonic" as in "play tonic"

A bit telly, could use more show. I'm enjoying it nonetheless.

I knew I screwed up something. Thanks for that.

Well when you put it that way... noooooooooo.


Sorry, I know it probably sounds like I'm just reading the story to hate on it. Really, I'm not. Very rarely do I even give HiE fics a second glance. Yours? Faved. That means you've done well for it being HiE.

I wasn't being sarcastic. You caught a spelling error that I didn't and I'm grateful that you pointed it out. I encourage everyone to do the same, because I want this story to be the best it can be.

^-^ Maybe I can be your pre-reader? -hint hint, but also being serious here-

Maybe. I never considered a proofreader until now...

Let me read a few of your stories and get back to you, 'kay?

Actually I'm a lot better at proofreading than I am at actually writing. That, and I don't write much. Like, I've only written one fic that's worth reading. >.<

Just want to tell everyone that a rather annoying erection ensued whilst reading this piece of literature. I curse thee adolescent horomones.

Nocturn in equestria afraid of the dark little ponies?

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