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Forest Shade

The name's Shade. Forest Shade. I'm just a fan of MLP. PM me if you need somepony to talk to.


Forest Shade has always wanted a family, not a street life, so when they show up, she discovers they are the two notorious villains, Nightmare Moon and Sombra. She must overcome the evil, because she too will become a villain if she doesn't.

Chapters (6)
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6037194 you forgot to make this story as complete now, since this is the last chapter for this story

Oh, thanks dream1990! That really helps. I did not realize that until you pointed it out. :twilightsmile:

'Twas adorable but how was king sombra an alicorn than a unicorn.:rainbowhuh:

6082900 Sombra was turned into an alicorn when he married Nightmare Moon.

6084554 By what force of nature?

6084561 Remember Twilight when she joined the royal family? She became an alicorn. So when he did (well sort of, this is Nightmare Moon aka best princess ever) he became a male alicorn. It also made sense because she would just be a unicorn, and and not an alicorn.

6084567 Well technically twi didnt join the royal fam she just finished starswirls spell wich made her an alicorn.

6084570 True. But after she became an alicorn she was royalty.

6084570 True, but Celestia said that she is a princess, so she would be part of the "family".

6084574 Ahh yes I forgot the coronation:twilightblush:. Sorry never mind. Anyway goodnight. :ajsleepy:

Comment posted by Forest Shade deleted Jun 12th, 2015

I love it but it was a little bit confusing on who was talking each time.:twilightsheepish: Other wise I loved it and I am looking forward to more.:heart::heart::heart::raritystarry::derpytongue2:

6332685 Yeah, sorry about that. That was my first fic, and as I am writing another one, don't have time to edit this one.

Edit, longer story, this is so stupid. I can't believe I am reading this.

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