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Sometimes I think of things but find it so hard to say those things.


The Night · 12:27am Mar 23rd, 2016

Luna knows I love the night. To her stars to the peace that seems to come with it. Darkness, in the right light, is a beautiful thing.

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Awww, come back Revolver... I'm starting to miss you...

Thanks for the interest in Rarity's Newest Desire.:twilightsmile:

2034366 Patient X mentioned you at some point so thought I'd visit your page.

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A bit about me.

Personality type-INTJ
Favorite music-In general Rock pm me for specifics
State of mind-Everywhere yet nowhere
Favorite band-The Beatles!!!
Hobbies-Drawing, guitar (amateur), video games, soccer, singing?
Favorite Princess Canon-Princess Luna
Favorite Princess Fanon-Princess Molestia
Favorite Mane 6 Pony-Tie between Rarity and Pinkie Pie
Favorite Pony-The Great and Powerful Trixie.

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