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Makuta Teridax, the name is almost synonymous with fear, the darkness, corruption, and evil in the universe that was cursed with his presence. But when the Great Spirits that rule it finally have him trapped they seal him in a weakened state, and put him in a lethally flawed mechanical body. They then exile him to another universe with no hope of return. A universe filled to the brim with magic and light and talking ponies.
Surely this is a world that is ripe for the picking. But Makuta's plans for world domination are cut short by a pair of would-be allies, this world's so called emissaries of the darkness. Nightmare Moon and King Sombra pledge to follow him, but their help only seems to hinder his efforts.
Will the spirit of shadow learn the magic of friendship? I sure hope not.

A bionicle meets my little pony story, because it's the only crossover combination more stupid than Doctor Who meets MLP, oh yeah, this world is completely different from my Vortexes are Magic universe, different Nightmare Moon and Sombra personalities as well.
Rated teen for possible gore
Sources; (I put the two images together, but neither are mine) http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/king-sombra/images/32672968/title/sombra-photo
and http://custombionicle.wikia.com/wiki/Teridax

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Upvote for nostalgia!
Good job!

Upvote for one of the best things of my childhood, man was Bionicle great, not only that, but you're bringing the the best villain of that franchise together with the best villains of this franchise, definitely faved.

Makuta - makes death threats and keeps his word, kills without remorse or flinching

Sombra - makes death threats but cannot bring himself to kill

Nightmare Moon - tried to bring about eternal night yet failed, twice

Makuta is #1 priority to kill/capture

1886801 Makuta is an unknown factor, Celestia hates and fears Nightmare Moon personally and she 'kidnapped' her sister, and no one knows that Sombra can't kill, after all, they only know rumors. So Celestia wouldn't know which is #1

I'm surprised I didn't find this sooner. Nevertheless, it's awesome, keep up the good work.

I can't wait for the next chapter. Makuta is the Man!!! or machine or whatever he is! yeah i'm loving the story.

"You are a terrible leader."

that is likely the most true thing of sombra

Please top looking at me!

should be stop

Dude I am loving this story keep up the great work

Give Teridax a week, he'll have this place running as smoothly as Metru Nui was before the Great Cataclysm.

why do I have a feeling that Sombra is only good for a punching bag and NMM is good as a bargaining chip?

1943205 because you saw the episodes with Sombra and Nightmare Moon and know what Makuta is? :twilightblush:

1943426 I did not see the episodes with sombra, I saw the episodes with NMM and saw all the movies with Makuta in them

1943808 this is more the book's Makuta than the movies' Makuta, in the movies he takes time to monologue and growl when he misses with his big claw, while in the books he's the unapproachable evil with great powers and a sensible plan... this is a fusion of the two actually, my Makuta will monologue, and be sensible!~:twilightsmile:

1945465 I'm waiting for him to start mass-producing those spider-bot thingies in Bionicle

geez Makuta, you make this too easy on them

They say strategy always breaks down once you've made contact with the enemy, those bloody liars.

1945977 it's hard to mess up a strategy like 'make giant robot push around enemy soldiers'

1947601 Exactly, simple strategies always keep working after first contact. Honestly I don't think there are battle strategies that get that much more complex, unless of course you want to start prioritizing targets out of an army. That never works.

Wait, Teridax has been released from his prison, that means he should now have access to all forty makuta powers... Oh man, Equestria is screwed as soon as he gets a new body.:twilightoops:

They came back an hour later, around ten in the morning. Equestrian forces were being built up along their Northern border.

Equestria's northern border is the Crystal Empire's southern border.

Comment posted by JeckParadox deleted Jan 13th, 2013

1952741 Oh, OH, you meant they were building on... Fuck, it, I'm done, have a nice day

Comment posted by JeckParadox deleted Jan 14th, 2013

Alright, just one thing that bugged me. His name is Teridax, Makuta is a species or a title. It's probably just a preference thing on my part, but it really bugs me when people do this.

1990276 what do you mean? 'when people do this'? His given name is Teridax, but Makuta is his title. Originally he was the only Makuta, and it was his actual name, but the creators had to give him another name when they made more of them. He calls himself Makuta, and even other Makuta call him 'Makuta' sometimes. At least more often than they call him Teridax. It's a personal preference on my part to call him Makuta instead of Teridax. And in the pony universe, where he introduced 'Makuta' as his first name it's logical that's what the other ponies would call him. :twilightblush:

1950791 I did the part with him being a pathetic slug just because you said that :rainbowlaugh:

ohh yeah, makuta will probably find out some way to control discord, hopefully the wait wont be that long for the next chapter.

Makuta, you're always coming up with plans, here have a cupcake! :pinkiehappy:

I was waiting for this to happen

I'm guessing Toa Nuva.

this was a awesome chapter, I really wasn't expecting the voya nui matoran to become toa, and im also glad you mept up with the canon and stated that velika was a great being

This should be fun. [Grinchgrin]

I heard that one of the Voya Nui matoran is a great being

2783384 Velika, though he ran off after Makuta died in the canon. He attempted to kill Axonn and Brutaka. Not sure why though. As i was unsure of his origins, I replaced him on the team with my favorite po-matoran: Dekar of Mahri Nui. (And I know his history too, don't worry, I'll explain why it's different than the bionicle canon)

Bionicle, it's a blur to me from my childhood but still played a significant part, let's see how this story turns out hmm? It shows promise.:moustache:

You did well. You are credit to fan-bases.:twilightsmile:

You really developed Sombra quite well. Maybe that's why he makes such a great villain, that fans can interpret him anyway they want.

Anyway, again, nicely done crossover.

And this is my favorite chapter. The meeting of the big 3 of shadows.

wow, you've done a really good job at this, this feels almost exactly like something greg farsthey himself would write. first off I love how deker is no longer boud to being hydraxon and, I also like that you chose the voya nui matoran to be the toa (I always liked them).teridax seems especially threatening. the only error I can see is that you stating toa and matoran never get hungry: while it is true that toa and matoran get energy from their masks that energy does not satisfy hunger but merely keeps them conscious and at normal strength, toa and matoran "eat" by touching fruit and other foods and absorbing the energy through touch. also greg himself stated that while residents of the matoran universe can feel love, they cant experience romantic love (and before roodakas and sidoraks "marriage is brought up, greg also said that that marriage means something different in the matoran universe). anyway spectacular job!:yay::pinkiehappy:

3020082 I didn't know about the hunger thing. I was looking over his list of powers, and remembered that they absorbed energy from their masks to stay alive. So, that's what that error came from. As for Roodaka and Teridax, I used the phrase 'ship' mostly for fun, but in my story, and I think in the third movie, it was love, but not romantic love, like you say. You see, Roodaka and Teridax are treacherous at heart. They value themselves above everything and everyone else, yet Roodaka admired Teridax, and risked her life to help him. Teridax himself, while I don't think it was as reciprocated in the books and movies as it is in my story, also admires her and did a selfless act for her. When she took the spinner attacks to free him he saved her afterward. She had fulfilled her purpose, and will potentially betray him, if it were anyone else he would have let them die, but in that case he saved her and healed her.
They sacrificed for each other, they admire each other. It's love, but not in a lustful sense. It's simultaneous respect, admiration, and trust. Which, considering these are the two least trustworthy people in the bionicle universe, is a big deal. So... they love each other, but not romantically. Just as two people who can trust each other.
I hope some of that made sense. :raritywink:

bionicle...I see what u did their :D

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