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Check out the Sequel "When Gods Fall" WIP

"While Gods may be powerful, with weapons of their own designs, they are only meek and powerless without them. The most powerful weapon crafted by them was the Blade of Olympus, but it was lost during the destruction of Mount Olympus. Now, I, Princess Celestia, request that my faithful student and her closest friends find these godly weapons and bring them here so they may be locked away, never to see the light of day... or until they are needed again..."

Loose God of War 3 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover. Loose because while the weapons are mainly focused on, the Gods themselves will be referenced but not actual main characters. A "Zeus" and a "Kratos" will pop up every now and again, but other than that they will not be mentioned.

My Little Pony (C) of Hasbro
Friendship is Magic (C) of Lauren Faust
God of War 3 (C) of Playstation and Sony

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QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you write that little thing under your username and picture?

Go to Account Settings and there should be a bar that says short Bio

I'll cut to the chase and ask how much blood will ponies lose and how many broken bones

:moustache:it would be cool if the mane 6 brought kratos back to life just puting that out there.

I can say this now: No. Look at the Description, Kratos and the Gods themselves are NOT main characters in this story

:moustache:awwwww well ok so can you tell me when the next chapter is/or might be out.

2931518 Tomorrow maybe. I'm going to bed right now

2931297the nly other question is if you'll mention Deimos or orkos

I don't have auto correct, I have spell check.

Comment posted by ThePonyJesus deleted Sep 29th, 2013

2935389 Well, from what I understand, The Blades of Chaos turned into the Blades of Athena, then those turned into the Blades of Exile and as for the PSP games, I've never played them, Ascension I've played, granted you cornered easily and the controls were sorta kinda messed up...

Comment posted by ThePonyJesus deleted Sep 29th, 2013

2940263 I've heard of Thanatos, and if I'm right it also has Deimos, Kratos' brother.

Comment posted by ThePonyJesus deleted Sep 29th, 2013
Comment posted by Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX deleted Jul 27th, 2013
Comment posted by ThePonyJesus deleted Sep 29th, 2013

2991495 ...Spelling? How? I have spell check...

Comment posted by ThePonyJesus deleted Sep 29th, 2013

2991575 For the grace one, no because saying graced would be past tense, the others are just finger derps...

Comment posted by ThePonyJesus deleted Sep 29th, 2013

:moustache:you skipped a word or two in there

Comment posted by SCP Pinkamena deleted Sep 5th, 2013

2932302 I never answered this. Whoops! I'm not sure if I'll mention Orkos or Deimos. I might mention the Furies, but that's about it...

3174019 Give me time Midnight, we're doing extremely gay porn

Put in the Zeus' Gauntlet! That thing was bitchin'.

Great chapter, though Zeus is still alive somewhat? Athena was the only surviving Olympian left? right?

3217780 Aye that be true! BUT there CAN be exception. You remember Fear Zeus right? The astral image?

Comment posted by Midnight Words deleted Sep 17th, 2013

3217792 Well you were PRETTY close actually...

3217794 Oh.... Well... Krastos comes back? Nah... to linear.... Hmmm... Kratos takes control of Celestia? Maybe?

Fear Kratos? IS he gonna make an appearance.

3217801 :trollestia: What about the other weapons though? Like the Valor Sword, the Spartan Arms, Charon's mask, and didn't Zeus destroy the other weapons during his fight with Kratos.

3217806 Then how did they end up in Equestria/the future?

3217812 God dammit Athena, she's gonna fuck everything up!

3217815 EVERY SINGLE TIME! Did you know Kratos killed almost his entire family? The only one not killed by Kratos is his brother.

3217818 Damn, and here I thought because you never played the psp games, that I would give you a little tid-bit.

3217822 You think I don't know shit? GUESS AGAIN! The only reason why that the weapons form the previous games aren't in here, is because ONE: I haven't played them, or not have enough knowledge to know about them. And TWO: It's based around God of War 3, not any of the previous games.

The best I can do to add something from the previous games are add Pandora's Box

3217830 Oh.... :fluttershbad: I concede defeat to your superior GoW knowledge

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