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PS: Takes place after the events of Devil May Cry 4 and the original story-line. DmC has no relevance to this story.

Since their beginning, the ponies of Equestria have been protected from evil by the alicorn shield. But these protectors have made the grave mistake, of refusing to kill their enemies. Now this decision comes back to haunt them, as the once defeated demons of Equestria return with a vengeance. As well as some new friends to boot.

They need help, beings that are no strangers to the dance of death, and would take the life of a demon without a second thought. Beings that would protect them from the apocalypse by blade and bullet...

The time draws close for Equestria's grand finale.

(Rated 'Teen' for strong language, violence and gore.)
Featured (briefly): 26/04/2015

Act 1: The Return of Evil
Dante, Nero, Trish and Lady are thrust back into the demon slaying stage as they are pulled to an entirely new world, with an all too familiar problem.

Act 2: Something Dark This Way Comes
With the return of the Dark Slayer and the realisation of the coming battle, the Demon Hunters are faced with their biggest challenge yet. They must travel to the Hellgate with their new friends and destroy the demon menace once and for all.

Act 2.5: Double Winged Devil
Shadowed by a mysterious and dangerous foe, a newly transformed Rainbow Dash follows in the Demon Hunters footsteps, determined not to be left out. She will have her revenge.

Act 3: The Eternal Night
Trapped in the Nightmare's lair, the Demon Hunters and their allies must face their destiny head on. They must eliminate the source of the scourge from the inside out to survive.

Act 4: Screaming Souls
Cast off your pride, quell your fury, stand tall and resolute. The end draws near and only one obstacle remains. He must be stopped.

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This is GREAT! I hope you continue :rainbowkiss:

4914585 I have no plans on stopping. :twilightsmile:

Where is Vergil?


Hmm. I'll have to re-write that section at some point, thanks for the heads up.

I know some stuff about DMC (Not DmC. VERY different game.) but I never played it. Sorry if some recollections to that game are in-accurate in the story. As Dante said himself:

"If you're gonna' continue your research in the next world... *BANG* ... Do your homework first."

4914752 Nelo Angelo, yeah I know. I'm putting that straight as I speak!

"DmC has no relevance to this story."


I don't care who you are, and what you've done in your lifetime. That is, without a doubt, the best choice you've ever made in your life.

DmC has no relevance to this story.

The Skull Knight Approves. Also your story has made it to the Devil May Cry group. Congrats.

to answer nero's question: A lot of fucked up shit is happening in your life, and now that pinkie pie and discord are here, your life is going to be 3 times as fucked up

Please remember that good execution, and characterization are very important. :eeyup:

4915083 Well of course it has no relevance because it takes place in another continuity.


And very difficult to execute half the time unfortunately.
And if you do manage it, nothing can replace the headaches induced from that amount of thinking :pinkiecrazy:

Ok, before I even read this story, I want to say that NO story should have anything to do with DmC. Ever.

EDIT: Story's great, can't wait for the next chapter!

You might want to check the first chapter's title. Aside from this, I like it.

When will the next chapter be out? Because I MUST HAVE MOAR OF THIS:pinkiecrazy:

4920795 It's supposed to be like that.

That is excactly what i wanted to read,looking forward for more!!!! :)

4922295 I'm 3000 words in, it won't be too long before it'll be completed and published.

Awesome! :moustache: stay classy

Keep it up man. This is great:pinkiehappy:.

Keep up the good work, up till now you have show in a convincing way the reactions of each character (having the mane 6 a bit shocked from the gore common in DMC is a great example).

The only part I didn't like was the timberwolf fight. They acted as if they were Scarecrows, rushing at the enemy looking only to kill, when they really are wild animals. Timberwolfs are fragile (a single soft kick would have turn them to pieces) but they counter that by being able to rearm themselves and take new branches to repair damage easily. While they are aggressive, the second they saw that Dante an the girls were more than they could chew they would have retreated.

shits gonna get fucked up figuratively and literally :rainbowdetermined2:

Next time I write them, I'll try to make them appear more intelligent. Thanks for the heads up!:yay:

I already did that one.:facehoof:

4953305 Sorry, wasn't looking at the chapter 2 comments. Have something else:

Awesome,but not that long,I saw it was a part. btw keep up u are doing great!!!!!! ;)

I want the Demon 'Boss battles' to be mainly combat. And it can get difficult to write combat scenes that are much longer without repeating sequences and moves.

Thanks for the encouragement!:yay:

I understand :).Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!! Nero FTW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait for the next chapter. :moustache: remember stay classy

You forgot Cadence and Discord didn't purposefully let Tirek betray him. To be betrayed is to have someone turn against you and Discord thought it was a genuine partnership.

Next chapters going to be a longer one, hope your ready...:rainbowwild:

This demon suffered .hahaha. Can not wait for Dante shown for these equus caballus Sapientes.

5183054 I could imagine that. "Listen Twi, I appreciate being invited but I really should be trying to find-"
*sees his sword next to Celestia's throne*

Good to see this continue, though I do have one complaint. Celestial and Luna are both aware that Rebellion belongs to one the demon-hunters but they still seriously talk about giving it to their mages for studying. It is not their decision to make and they should be old enough to understand that. Neither seemed to even consider that it might anger the swords owner. Honestly a serious OOC moment as far as I can see. Celestial and Luna aren't thieves.

Awesome update bro! :moustache: remember stay classy

I'm surprised Dante isn't carrying good ol Woozy in his coat

damn. i hoped berial would become a weapon ( since celestias broke) :unsuresweetie:

but great story looking forward for more:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Interesting idea you have there... :raritywink:

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