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After falling terminally ill, Fluttershy travels to the cursed city of Yharnam to be cured of her disease by the work of the Healing Church and their miraculous blood. She'd heard the tales, of course. Stories of dark mysteries and frightening dangers, but none of them could have prepared her for the long night ahead.

(Crossover with the Bloodborne universe, expect many a dark place. This story is not for the faint of heart...)

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Comments ( 27 )

What is this a crossover of?


Wow. What an ending to the your first chapter! Way to draw the reader in! You've got a few punctuation and tense errors you might want to correct, but nothing major. All in all a very good start to your story. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

This seems very interesting. Also, thanks for adding your story to my group! There need to be more Bloodborne crossovers on this site, nd I'm happy you decided to make one. Aside from my own story: Papa Gehrman, and the other few Bloodborne crossovers, this is very good.

Yeah i only recently replaced my dead laptop so new chapters should be up at some point.

I like it. The item description is a great touch.
I've always liked the little things like this in a crossover stories, be it S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and perks in Fallout Equestria or health drinks and multiple endings in Silent Ponyvile.
This is definitely going to my favorites.

It seems a little bit odd, that none of her friends joined her on her trip to Yharnam.

They're heartless beasts anyway


Poor Djura. Shame that his spatial awareness didn't do him any favours when battling atop a giant tower. Eighty percent of the time he just back-steps off and gives you a free kill.

Great chapter. Flutters is sure in for a shock when she meets the cleric beast.

Fluttershy is going to be heartbroken when the blood moon rises. Poor Gilbert.

Ahh Eileen the crow or griffon in this case, I like her no matter how many times her prey keeps killing me. What will happen to Iosefka in this? Will she even meet Iosefka? I will be watching this.

It seems yet again I managed to stumble upon a Hidden Gem nice to know there are still some of those to be uncovered. Do not lose heart my Intrepid author I expect to see more or at least hope you will continue with the same creative enthusiasm!

Let the hunt begin!:flutterrage:

When do you think or hope the next chapter is going to out at?

Dunno. Updates happen when I get them out, there's no schedule. Sorry. Though I do want to complete this, I might never get to that point.

7637411 ok we'll keep doing your best to finishing this story.:twilightsmile:

this is a great story so far and i really hope u plan on finishing it, ive just beat bloodborne myself and am a huge fluttershy fan so this story is right up my alley, looking forward to fluttershy vs the cleric beast

Im wondering how fluttershy will handle the orphan of kos

So which of the 3 endings are you planing, or are you having flutters forge her own ending?

Well you have my full attention. I'm hoping you're still writing this. I would love to read more. Fluttershy and BloodBorne? Count me in.

It does seem strange none of the others or at the very least Spike joined Shy but I'm interested nonetheless. This should be very fun.

Now this is in character. Shy would be the type to lose it then cry. Very eager for more.

Shit. This is getting heavy. Short chapter though.

Oh shit. Brutal. Love every second of it though. Very excited for more.

Damn it. It's over so soon? Well I hope it comes back. I'm very eager for more and really tempted to play more BloodBorne. Amazing job.

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