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After falling terminally ill, Fluttershy travels to the cursed city of Yharnam to be cured of her disease by the work of the Healing Church and their miraculous blood. She'd heard the tales, of course. Stories of dark mysteries and frightening dangers, but none of them could have prepared her for the long night ahead.

(Crossover with the Bloodborne universe, expect many a dark place. This story is not for the faint of heart...)

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by Lazy_

Late at night, Rarity ponders over her newest design of winter hat. It has to be perfect, but for some reason she just can't get it right. Maybe it's her ethic? Maybe it's her motivation? Maybe all she needs is a little inspiration from a certain grinning feline.

(Takes place six months before Season 1)

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After surviving the bloody slaughter of his platoon at the hands of the invading Human forces, one stallion of the Equestrian Day Guard is put to the test as he finds himself hunted by an invisible but deadly foe. A sniper follows his every move as he tries to escape the silent and terrifying opponent.

PS: I hit the 'Popular' section for the first time, yay!:yay:

(Thanks to Darwin4 for offering to be the editor for the story, you're the best! Also, if anyone is interested in making some cover art for me, then go ahead! Until then its staying as it is. If you do, I'll credit you and make sure my readers know of your contribution.)

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Upon his death at the hands of Raiden Sam was carried through the Multiverse into the magical land of Equestria, much to his dismay. Now he is stuck in a land beyond everything he ever knew as he is thrown back into the spotlight once more to search for his redemption... and maybe a little something else along the way.

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PS: Takes place after the events of Devil May Cry 4 and the original story-line. DmC has no relevance to this story.

Since their beginning, the ponies of Equestria have been protected from evil by the alicorn shield. But these protectors have made the grave mistake, of refusing to kill their enemies. Now this decision comes back to haunt them, as the once defeated demons of Equestria return with a vengeance. As well as some new friends to boot.

They need help, beings that are no strangers to the dance of death, and would take the life of a demon without a second thought. Beings that would protect them from the apocalypse by blade and bullet...

The time draws close for Equestria's grand finale.

(Rated 'Teen' for strong language, violence and gore.)
Featured (briefly): 26/04/2015

Act 1: The Return of Evil
Dante, Nero, Trish and Lady are thrust back into the demon slaying stage as they are pulled to an entirely new world, with an all too familiar problem.

Act 2: Something Dark This Way Comes
With the return of the Dark Slayer and the realisation of the coming battle, the Demon Hunters are faced with their biggest challenge yet. They must travel to the Hellgate with their new friends and destroy the demon menace once and for all.

Act 2.5: Double Winged Devil
Shadowed by a mysterious and dangerous foe, a newly transformed Rainbow Dash follows in the Demon Hunters footsteps, determined not to be left out. She will have her revenge.

Act 3: The Eternal Night
Trapped in the Nightmare's lair, the Demon Hunters and their allies must face their destiny head on. They must eliminate the source of the scourge from the inside out to survive.

Act 4: Screaming Souls
Cast off your pride, quell your fury, stand tall and resolute. The end draws near and only one obstacle remains. He must be stopped.

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After accepting a dare from Diamond Tiara, Scootaloo got lost in the Everfree forest and never returned.

In her last moments she wrote down her final thoughts and feelings on a note, found in a clearing next to a large amount of dried blood...

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