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Just an adventure/mystery fanfiction-writing brony from the state of Vermont who hopes that you enjoy his work.

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Hello there! My name is Josiah, and I'm a criminal justice college graduate, born and raised in Vermont, USA.

As a creative outlet and to express my love for the My Little Pony series and its fandom, I write a fanfiction series starring my OC, private detective Phillip Finder, as well as occasional short stories with other characters. I enjoy placing the ideas that I make out there for myself and for others to see.

Any comments, constructive criticism and thumbs up that you feel like giving would be greatly appreciated, so I can write better stories for you all to enjoy! Please feel free to look around!

If you like what you see and you want to come chat with me and other fans, discuss ideas for your own writing, and/or enjoy some good company, please join my DiscordApp server for chatting and hanging out!

Well, that's pretty much it. Have fun!

Noireverse: Ponyville Noire and Other Tales

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Thanks for the favorite on A Follow Up Report!

Believe me, this is pretty much a chain letter. I've looked on so many profiles, including mine, and I've saw this exact same questionnaire.

Thanks for the interest in my, Boop's, Thunder's and Comrade's work! Hope you enjoy it man!

2590641 Thank you for taking the time to answer my survey.

To answer your question, I gave you this survey simply because I felt like it. I love asking people random questions.

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