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Just an adventure/mystery fanfiction-writing brony from the state of Vermont who hopes that you enjoy his work.

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About Me

Hello there! My name is Josiah, and I'm a criminal justice graduate and former correctional officer, born and raised in Vermont, USA.

As a creative outlet and to express my love for the My Little Pony series and its fandom, I write a fanfiction series starring my OC, private detective Phillip Finder, as well as occasional short stories with other characters. I enjoy placing the ideas that I make out there for myself and for others to see.

Any comments, constructive criticism and thumbs up that you feel like giving would be greatly appreciated, so I can write better stories for you all to enjoy! Please feel free to look around!

You can also find a gallery of artwork based on my series here and here

Well, that's pretty much it. Have fun!

For personal reasons, I have decided to remove the original Phillip Finder series from my Fimfic page. You can still find them on my deviantArt page.


We Need to Talk About This · 11:38pm May 29th, 2020

I hate mixing politics with ponies—I come here to take a break from the real world, not have current headlines shoved in my face all over again.

But this needs to be brought up.

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Noireverse: Ponyville Noire and Other Tales


Ponyville Noire: Behind the Scenes! · 9:13pm Aug 11th, 2020

Hey guys, this is something I wanted to do for a while: just make a blog post detailing my thoughts behind creating the Ponyville Noire series. Let me preface this by saying thank you for reading and enjoying my work: seeing your likes and comments keeps me going even when writing becomes difficult! It really does mean a lot to me that my stories do bring a bit of happiness to people!

With that out of the way, let’s get started with my worldbuilding process. 

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I'm specifically trying to avoid commenting on Mykan himself and focusing on the stories themselves. Commentary on a story is not bullying a person as long as the critic refrains from personal attacks.

Actually, I’ve been thinking.

Sure, it’s fun to rag on Starfleet, but at some point, it kinda teeters into just bullying Mykan and trying to get a rise out of him for a laugh. The guy’s a major-league asshole, but don’t you think we ought to be a little more mature than this? A little more like Friendship is Magic?

I already did. I was hanging onto it because I wanted to see if Mykan reacts.

Do you have him blocked?

I hope you enjoy reading First Contact.

Thanks for the read later!

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