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A Sherlockian Brony

Just a Brony who loves anything crime fiction. Either it be Holmes, Poirot, Miss Marple or Columbo, Mannix, True Detective, and only recently, Midsomer Murders I love them all.

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    Behind the Scenes Part I

    To write a stronger basis of my planned sequel, I must look back at my first work and learn what I had originally planned this "Ponified Sherlock" thing to go. I looked at my original notes and saw how each phase of the story eventually evolved into the one I have written. I smile when looking back at it, seeing how far I've gone. Perhaps it may be the amateur writer in me (which I am), but I sorta feel proud of my work. I've gone from the "spoon-fed" exposition to a more "showing rather than

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Ayo, sure thing! Great story, though. I could only wish I have that much likes...

Thanks for the favorite.

Why, certainly! Greatly enjoyed your most recent story

Thank you for the fav! :heart:

Aww, it's all good. :twilightsmile:

That made my night, not gonna lie. I appreciate your thoughts and hope my more original works grab you as well.

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