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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Noire: Kriegspiel—Black, White, and Scarlet

Zugzwang is dead, Scarlet Letter is in prison, and Ponyville is safer than it has ever been before, the once invulnerable crime syndicates in fragmented disarray. But Daring Do and Phillip Finder still dream of the red sky and the empty black eyes; Trace's dying scream echoes in their ears when they try to sleep, and they feel Zugzwang's ghost haunting them.

But even as they struggle with their demons, more cases come to the doorstep of 221 Honeybee Bakery. And as hard as it is, Phillip and Daring cannot turn away from those in need. Dragons in Canterlot, changeling intrigue in their own hometown, murder in the Crystal Empire, and treasure hunts in the Aushaylian Outback: these new, fantastic cases will take the detectives on strange journeys across Equestria, introducing them to new allies and friends. And maybe they will find peace along the way.

The third story of the Noireverse, this smaller series is intended as a sort of coda to the previous story, Kriegspiel. As I prepare to plan out the next major story of the Ponyville Noire series, I decided to write a few shorter cases to keep the gears greased. The purpose of this story is primarily to introduce some new characters and locales to the Noireverse, but also to show Phillip and Daring dealing with the trauma of what they went through in the last story: all things I wasn't confident I could do well in the next big story, considering what I have planned for that.

I hope that you enjoy this work!

Featured on April 2, 2021! Thank you all!

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I like warm beans myself, preferably with some hot dogs.
But thankies!

Ah! I want more but I have to wait! I hate waiting sometimes.

Thanks for the comment! Means a lot to me that people are supporting and enjoying this!

Right now, after Zugzuang, I wouldn't be surprised if the kidnapped dragon were strung up, bleed to death for their blood to make strength potions...

Just saying...

Hoo boy... O.o

Things are heating up fast! I love it


Thanks for the comments, fellas! Your support means a lot.

I was expecting... someone else to be the inside mole honestly.

So I managed to fool someone, at least. :)

Who did you think it was?

The Ambassador, since usually the ones in a higher posistion would be the ones doing shady things like this

“Okay, good,” Phillip nodded with a smile, and gratefully passed out.

They really need a day off

"Maybe a week-long vacation somewhere warm. Hawaineigh or something."

"We'd just get into trouble there, too."

That was a pretty good opening. Makes me curious what’s gonna happen next. I feel bad for the lady. She seem(ed)s like an interesting character. But judging from what I read I don't think she's going make it through the prolog.

Death by puffer fish poison, that's honestly a bit terrifying

Indeed. It's quite a nasty way to go.

I'm actually kinda tempted to try fugu fish one day, but my self-preservation is too strong.

Yeah, that would honestly be for the best, cause if it's not prepared correctly, it will have fatal consequences for those who eat it.

The poison it contains, tetrodrotoxin is usually enough to stop a predator from chowing down on it, but it's extremely fatal if fully ingested.

If I remember correctly, they actually used puffer fish poison as an assassination weapon in Sword Art Online II

Pretty good chapter. I'm enjoying the character building your doing in this tale. Its great fun to see all the characters interacting with each other. I also enjoying the references to your other stories. Can't wait to see how things turn out.


The culinarian in me is curious, but this is countered by a healthy dose of self preservation and fearful respect towards such a deadly fish. Did a little research, puffer poison is something around 1200 times more lethal than cyanide, a single fish could kill around 30 human adults. Minimum of three years of intensive training to be legally eligible for a fugu license, and in some if not all places in the UK, importing puffer is illegal.

Cute chapter, we needed a breather after all the bad stuff. And I am glad to see Ponyville Noire going back to its roots. After all, I came here to get away from a recent binge on Lovecraftian horror fanfiction.

My thoughts on the case so far:
*Golden somehow got himself on the radar of the mob, and his girlfriend payed the price.
* I don't think that Honey is the killer, she was pissed at being passed over for promotion, but perhaps it's just my bleeding heart, but I feel that her anger stopped well before wanting Quick Step dead.
*A smart nerdy Twilight getting a somewhat athletic body...Flash, you hurt her, and no hole in Equestria will be deep enough.

Will eagerly await the next chapter.

You got it! But again, pufferfish didn't kill as fast, or in the way that I wanted for the story, and I didn't feel like rewriting the damn thing, so I just made up a species.

Ironically, I’m actually learning about PTSD in my masters program today. I look forward to readin tv the rest of this act :moustache:

I hope that I can live up to your high expectations!

Yes. I have all the feels. And it’s always interesting to read your version of Flash’s mom. I finally started writing my version of her, and she came out quite differently in my universe.

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