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Just an adventure/mystery fanfiction-writing brony from the state of Vermont who hopes that you enjoy his work.


When the citizens of Ponyville's Everfree District need their animals cared for, they turn to Doctors Fluttershy and Tree Hugger, veterinarian and herbalist. The two are famed for the kindness and care; something of a rarity in the Everfree District, where poverty and drugs have infiltrated every street.

So when the two notice that Lightning Dust is struggling with a drug addiction, they decide to help; it's their job, after all. But helping the proud mare with a problem she doesn't want to admit she has is not going to be easy, especially since there's more to this diagnosis than simply addiction.

There is no straightforward cure for all hurting mares. But with a bit of love and care, perhaps Fluttershy and Tree Hugger can help Lightning Dust get what she needs.

A side story of the Noireverse, this mini-project of mine is intended to focus on Fluttershy and the lives of the ponies in the Everfree District, as well as introduce my version of Tree Hugger and Lightning Dust to the series. Plus, Flutterhugger is a personal favorite ship of mine, and I wanted to write something about it.

This contains several references to the Noireverse at large: it's best if you're familiar with the Ponyville Noire series before reading this.

Edited by The Red Parade!

Cover art done by Anxiousshadowpetals!

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Oh Gods, like that's just... wow. Oh, Lightning...

Rara sold this chapter for me. That pain, that raw emotion? She's been there before, the needle and the damage done if you forgive the waxing lyrical. She'll let you know what it's like, and she'll really let you know it.

A good little introduction to Fluttershy's part in this universe, though this story does run into a few problems. One, if you haven't read the Noirverse you'd really be at a loss in some bits. Like, the whole setting would probably be confusing to some. I know it mostly works as a stand-alone, but problem goes if you're trying to attract new readers...

Good point. I'll make a note about that in the description.

It's quite a good story, a good balance between despair and wholesomeness.

Now... when are we going to see more of Daring and Phillip? Not really a main story, but more side stories like this?

I really like this. The romance is subtle and interesting. Maybe because of how you have managed to set up the atmosphere that makes them feel natural.

Getting anyone out of their drug addiction is tough. Being able to discern that the letter is actually a suicide note too? This sounds like a really bleak world, but you have certainly made it feel homey

Well, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed.

The comment about the worldbuilding is really special to me. I did my best to show that even if this AU is pretty bleak, it does have glimmers of light in it.

And it is those glimmers that make stories like this worth reading. Without them, it would be akin to some of the FoE spinoffs where the author tries too hard to match or surpass the original. FoE was without a doubt incredibly grim and more than a little violent, but throughout it all was little snippets of hope for a better future, and those snippets made all the difference.

Lightning Dust is struggling with a drug addiction

Lightning Dust is best pony and I'm a recovering heroin addict so this is already faved. ;-;

This sequence is so painfully familiar that I don't think I could comment much on it without losing control of my emotions for a bit. I want to think things will be okay, but they never are.

Thanks for the comments and the follow! I'm glad that I was able to touch a reader like that. I hope that things get better for you and that you've left your addictions far behind with the help that you need.


Right now I'm on suboxone and I've been seeing an addiction specialist so i can get my life in order. I haven't had to use H or any of those nasty fentalogues in a while now. It feels really good, in an emotional way; I feel a lot more free. :heart:

Thank you for caring. If you need/want someone to talk to, whether about ponies or addiction stuff or whatever, feel free to message me. Thank goes for anyone who reads this comment, actually.

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