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To say that Hearth's Warming Eve among the Wonderbolts is a boisterous event would be an understatement, and this year is no exception.

But amongst the noise is Spitfire and Soarin. Friends since foalhood, they have taken this day out of every year to reinforce and celebrate their friendship, to spend some time together, just for the two of them. And this year is going to be no exception.

Except perhaps for the intervention of one of their teammates.

Special story requested by lambda as part of my birthday story giveaway.

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Ha ha, always love stories with interactions between the team of Equestria's favorite flyers. Normally not attached to this pairing in the romantic sense, I prefer them as friends but you made it work for me here. One thing that bugs me though, why aren't they using the callsigns? Is it because they're off duty? Only thing I know about navy life is from watching Top Gun so I'm just guessing. Anyways, great story and it's so going in my faves.

7392059 They're not really callsigns, they're just nicknames. I didn't really think about that, but I guess that when they're "off-duty," they just refer to each other by their names.

7392081 Ah, thanks for clearing that bit up.

Honestly, this is so cute? I'm a sucker for fluffy Soarinfire, so I really enjoyed this. Good work :twilightsmile:

Friends, colleagues and lovers! Yay! It's always nice to see interaction between these two, hot-headed captain teamed up with goofy dork wingmate and then magic happens!

I love this story, and it's hilarious to see Fleetfoot gets hooked up with Fire Streak:rainbowlaugh:.

7393055 So glad that you enjoyed it! Thank you for requesting it, I had fun writing this!

poor fleetfoot. she is going to have to kiss streak after he's done with the bathroom.

7393805 More of an enjoyment than an obligation:rainbowlaugh:

7393909 maybe for streak and the rest of the wonderbolts. doubt fleetfoot will like it as much as she would.

he belched again, lurching forward a little. Knowing what was going to happen, the other Wonderbolts cleared a pathway, allowing the pegasus a direct pathway to the bathroom,

:rainbowlaugh: MAKE A HOLE!
7392081 Engh, my battle buddies and I still call each other by the callsign/nickname we earned even when we aren't in the field. Still: it's your story and you can do with it as you like, plus it didn't pull from the immersion.

7394740 I was just more comfortable calling them by their names rather than their nicknames.

7393935 Serves her right, I say.

7395445 And that's fine, it's your story. Like I said before it really didn't distract and I honestly only brought it up after reading the comments.

Excellent Hearth's Warming story. It is really nice to see a good representation of Soarinfire.

7632323 Indeed, it's a very underappreciated ship.

This was really sweet and I liked reading it. Have to say, I think it might have worked better without the 'twist' near the end, but that's me.

7637203 Eh, it might have worked, it might not. I still am glad you liked it, though!

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Love it so much! This is my fav story so far:pinkiehappy: and I have read at least fifty stories:twilightblush:

really now, but i agree. It is a fabulous story

why r u everywhere I am!?

casue...i dunno. We just like the same stories i guess

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