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Just an adventure/mystery fanfiction-writing brony from the state of Vermont who hopes that you enjoy his work.


Equestria is not the paradise that most of its citizens believe it to be. Dark secrets hide behind facades of innocence. Hungry monsters stalk the shadows and walk among the people. Cultists practice forbidden magic in the name of slumbering gods, and an ancient evil is stirring from below.

Daring Do, Professor of Archaeology at Golden Oaks University, has known the impossible exists since she was a foal, and it has held a dark hold over her ever since, guiding a search for answers. She is joined in her search by other creatures whose lives have been touched by the paranormal: Phillip Finder, a private detective who specializes in abnormal cases; Zecora, a shaman with her own demons; Luster Dawn and Twilight Sparkle, two of the brightest and most curious students at Golden Oaks University; Rainbow Dash, a rookie Wonderbolt with a thirst for adventure; and Autumn Blaze, a kirin journalist on the hunt for the juiciest stories.

But as she continues to hunt for answers to questions most would never ask, Daring Do finds herself and her allies ensnared in a tangled web of insanity, facing threats to body, mind, and soul. Obsession drives Daring Do forward, both to seek knowledge and to protect Equestria from impossible threats...but what might it cost her and those around her?

A reboot of sorts of my former series Ponyville Noire, Daring Do: Shadows Over Equestria is an adventure-mystery story with heavy influence from the Cthulhu Mythos and related spinoffs, particularly the Arkham Horror franchise. It features many of the same characters but under different designs and inspirations.

Cover art by Redahfurerking!

Proofreading by Jade Dawn, Eagle--Paladin of Shadows, and TheLegendaryBillCipher !

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Stygian sits beneath a tree, surrounded by discarded drafts of a love poem.

Mistmane wanders through the garden, reflecting on the days when she was the beautiful mare in the world.

A little nudge from a couple of their friends might be enough to bring them together.

This is a story that I've been tinkering with for a long time, but it was only earlier this week that I finally managed to sketch it out into a proper story. Romance isn't my forte, but I hope that you enjoy it nonetheless!

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Long ago, a village in Equestria was struck with a terrible plague. The ponies fell deathly ill in mere days, coughing phlegm and blood as their muscles shriveled; crops withered and died as a poisonous odor permeated the air. And if that weren't enough, strange bellowings and roars could be heard from the distant woods.

A plea for help summoned two of the Pillars of Equestria: the Mage Meadowbrook, the Mystical Mask who could cure any sickness, and the mighty Rockhoof, mover of mountains and tamer of monsters.

When they respond, the two heroes quickly determine that this is no ordinary disease. Following the trail, they find the true source of the plague, and soon must battle for not just the villagers' lives, but their own...

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It's autumn and Izzy's sitting in the Crystal Brighthouse, watching the rain out the window. There's no reason for her to be sweating, for her heart to be going so fast, or for her entire body to be tingling.

No reason except the mare sitting next to her.

A G5 romance that I dreamed up a couple of nights ago and needed to write out. Hope you enjoy!

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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Noire: Misty Streets of Equestria

Daring Do and Phillip Finder have faced many foes since they partnered up. They have defeated the blackmailer Silvertongue, the pirate Whitestone, the femme fatale Scarlet Letter, and the monstrous Zugzwang.

But now another foe comes to haunt Ponyville. Many thought that the Plague Doctor was nothing more than a myth born of the horrors of the Crystal War. Others know better, fearing the name of Sombra's most dangerous assassin.

And now he's in Ponyville.

While they are stalked by the assassin, Daring Do and Phillip Finder must also unravel the thefts of magical artifacts masterminded by the archeologist-turned-mercenary Doctor Caballeron. And worse, enemies from their past return to torment them and their friends. Who is guiding them? What is their goal?

And what ancient evil is waiting in the Everfree Forest?

Updates every Saturday. Proofread by Eagle—Paladin of Shadows

The fourth story of the Noireverse.

Sex and Gore tags for suggestive content and graphic descriptions.

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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Noire: Kriegspiel—Black, White, and Scarlet

Zugzwang is dead, Scarlet Letter is in prison, and Ponyville is safer than it has ever been before, the once invulnerable crime syndicates in fragmented disarray. But Daring Do and Phillip Finder still dream of the red sky and the empty black eyes; Trace's dying scream echoes in their ears when they try to sleep, and they feel Zugzwang's ghost haunting them.

But even as they struggle with their demons, more cases come to the doorstep of 221 Honeybee Bakery. And as hard as it is, Phillip and Daring cannot turn away from those in need. Dragons in Canterlot, changeling intrigue in their own hometown, murder in the Crystal Empire, and treasure hunts in the Aushaylian Outback: these new, fantastic cases will take the detectives on strange journeys across Equestria, introducing them to new allies and friends. And maybe they will find peace along the way.

The third story of the Noireverse, this smaller series is intended as a sort of coda to the previous story, Kriegspiel. As I prepare to plan out the next major story of the Ponyville Noire series, I decided to write a few shorter cases to keep the gears greased. The purpose of this story is primarily to introduce some new characters and locales to the Noireverse, but also to show Phillip and Daring dealing with the trauma of what they went through in the last story: all things I wasn't confident I could do well in the next big story, considering what I have planned for that.

I hope that you enjoy this work!

Featured on April 2, 2021! Thank you all!

Updates every Saturday. Edited by Eagle--Paladin of Shadows!

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When the citizens of Ponyville's Everfree District need their animals cared for, they turn to Doctors Fluttershy and Tree Hugger, veterinarian and herbalist. The two are famed for the kindness and care; something of a rarity in the Everfree District, where poverty and drugs have infiltrated every street.

So when the two notice that Lightning Dust is struggling with a drug addiction, they decide to help; it's their job, after all. But helping the proud mare with a problem she doesn't want to admit she has is not going to be easy, especially since there's more to this diagnosis than simply addiction.

There is no straightforward cure for all hurting mares. But with a bit of love and care, perhaps Fluttershy and Tree Hugger can help Lightning Dust get what she needs.

A side story of the Noireverse, this mini-project of mine is intended to focus on Fluttershy and the lives of the ponies in the Everfree District, as well as introduce my version of Tree Hugger and Lightning Dust to the series. Plus, Flutterhugger is a personal favorite ship of mine, and I wanted to write something about it.

This contains several references to the Noireverse at large: it's best if you're familiar with the Ponyville Noire series before reading this.

Edited by The Red Parade!

Cover art done by Anxiousshadowpetals!

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Ponyville is a massive city with its own long history interweaving with the lore of Equestria at large, and each of its four hundred thousand inhabitants has their own stories to tell. Sadly, only a few of them get a chance to tell their tales of hope, tragedy, loss, and love.

Here, they shall get their chance. In this collection, history will be uncovered and many stories will be related where they might never have been told.

The Noireverse has a wide cast of secondary characters, each of which has their own history, personality, and background. Unfortunately, I would never have enough time to cover them all in the main Ponyville Noire series. This collection of short stories allows me to expand the universe "vertically," in a way, by adding on other details and exploring parts of my world that would otherwise never come up. Also, it gives me a chance to write down short story ideas that pop into my head from time to time. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings for profanity and some possible suggestive content.

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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Noire: Tails of Two Private Eyes

When reformed thief Daring Do and private detective Phillip Finder took down Silvertongue, the reigning king of Ponyville's underworld, they hoped that things would get better for their city, and for each other. And with the dawn of a new year, and the honest if harsh Cold Case as the new chief of the Ponyville Police Department, that hope seems fruitful.

But nature abhors a vacuum. The throne that Silvertongue vacated has been taken by his former associate: Zugzwang, a cold, bloodthirsty sociopath who harbors a chilling obsession with Phillip Finder. But not all meet his rule willingly: the griffon Whitestone declares war on Zugzwang and his allies, and Phillip and Daring are caught in the center. Amidst the chaos, the mysterious Scarlet Letter manipulates all three sides as part of an unknown plan.

Ponyville is burning all around them. With a few friends at their side, Phillip Finder and Daring Do fight to restore order, but they and the city might not survive without a few scars.

Updates weekly. Proofread by Eagle—Paladin of Shadows

The second major story of the Noireverse.

Sex and Gore tags for suggestive content and graphic description.

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Prison time is hard time. This is true for everypony in Frostback prison, and not just for the inmates.

Gentle Guide tries to put some pride into the uniform, reminds himself every day that his position as a correctional officer means something: that he is more than just a guard, he is a guardian and an arbiter, keeping order in the little community that is the prison. But when he spends every day surrounded by fear, predators, and hopelessness, it can be difficult to keep up his own spirits.

This is the day to day reality for Officer Guide. This is a day in Frostback.

Part of the Noireverse.

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