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Olakaan Peliik

"There’s a thin line between being a hero and being a memory." - Optimus Prime

About the Dragon

I'm a little all over the place as far as my interests go. I mean, just you look around the page here, I got all kinds of stuff. Fallout, Skyrim, Warframe, Magic: The Gathering, and other obvious things. I love and collect stories, the fact that I write stories as well, should show just how much I enjoy a good tale.

I prefer physical books over digital, but I don't exactly have a choice here. I hope one day I will actually have a whole room that I can call my "Library". But dreams are dreams. Let's move on.

I do run a clan on Warframe. It started out as: "None of my friends are doing this, so I might as well." But it is slowly turning into a good place to find players. Eventually It will grow large enough where it wont be so awkward to ask another clan member for help.

I do not have a set posting schedule for my chapters. I tend to write when I can, whenever I can, and if the force is with me. Sometimes the muse is just not there, if you're a fellow writer you understand. Or if you're an artiest. Really if your any kind of content creator you'll understand.

For my non-pony related works got to Wattpad and search for Olakaan_Peliik or just click there.

My profile picture was drawn by Aimee Scholz.

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