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Winter Fox

Well fuck me. I think u took the wrong turn. Anyways welcome

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  • 162 weeks
    My new big project

    Hey everyone winter here. So I said that I had something in the works and I’m proud to announce I am writing my own book. As of yet I still need to work on it. I will keep you guys updated on here. But there is some bad news with this good news. Because I am writing a book I won’t be able to work on The Boxer’s Cornerwoman. But I ask for your guys best wishes to me and possibly read it when I finish the book.
    thank you for your time
    Winter Fox signing off.

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  • 166 weeks
    Working again

    Hey this is Winter. for those of you interested I will be trying to write again for boxer's cornerman. for those interested I am also working on something special with my brother. I will talk more about it once I really get started on it.

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  • 192 weeks

    hello everyone,

    Hey everyone, I just wished to inform you all I can know actually write and will be going through my first story and editing it. this in hopes I can clean it up and make it feel and flow better, following that I will try and form a update schedule for you all. I know it will take me some time to make it up to you all and fix my mistakes of never finishing a story.

    Signed with hope,
    Winter Fox

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  • 195 weeks
    Where have i been

    Hello everyone

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  • 240 weeks
    well crap

    hey everyone ghost here I promised I would contune back to school but it seems as fate had other plans. right now my laptop which I write is broken and I can't really write right now. so until I can get it fixed or a new one Back to school has to be put on hold yet again

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Hello my name is Winter fox and I really like to read. I am also trying my hand at writing so sorry if my stories aren’t that good. If u have a idea for a book for me to read just put it in my comments and I will read it. My favorite characters are fluttershy and rainbow dash. I have a two original characters one named ghost reaper and another name Agni Aylward am willing to let people use them for a story. If anyone wants to use them just send me a massage and I will tell you about them. Well thank you for coming and have a nice day.:pinkiesmile:

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Thank you for following.

No prob. I really enjoy your scaleless dragon stories.

Thank you for the follow.:twilightsmile:

Thank you for faving Of Heaven and Earth.:twilightsmile:

Hey there, Ghost Reaper! Thanks for the follow!

No prob. Was a great story.

Thanks for the fave on "Never Again". :pinkiesmile:

It's been......so long.....


thanks for the follow too! :eeyup:

thanks for the fave! :rainbowkiss:

2277952 your story that was close was what caught my attention and I enjoyed it very much.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the Fav! I hope you enjoyed reading it!


Thanks for the Follow! May I ask why?

2237280 I just finished sweet and delicate. I love it. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you so much for the follow! Can you describe what caught your attention :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the follow

Oh, hey! You gave me a Watch! I really, really appreciate that. I hope that I can continue to deserve it going forward.:twilightsmile:

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