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This story is a sequel to Flames

Seven long years of war and the fighting has yet to cease. On the plus side, we have our first Dragon Queen, and most of our alliances are stronger than ever. Unfortunately, it also means our enemies hate us all the more. With no end of the war in sight, I begin to wonder if dragons are really meant for the path I set us on. I look forward to proving that we are indeed ready for peace, but in the event that I am wrong... I have no plan B.

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liking it so far.:pinkiehappy:

YAY!! Finally, I sequel to Flames!
Thanks so, so much!

Loving it so far!
And hurry the frik up Krein, she will get suspicious, they all do...

I see you put in a few subtle nods from the movie and some of the recent episodes

So far this is a nice little tie up of how everything has transitioned in the seven years that have passed. I really like how you've gone about catching us up on the current events. Well written as always and I do look foward to reading more.

Interesting chapter as always.

Changelings huh? That helps explain some of the dragon forces losses against the rebels. I wonder how far Chrysallis has gotten with her breeding scheme.

Thumbs up! Drop a kind comment! Don't tell me about the errors, please

Um. Why not? Do you not want to improve as a writer?

I rerdead these constantly. I'll notice them soon. When people point them out (at least here in the comments) I get extremely paranoid about the errors and start seeing errors where there are none. If people Private Message me the errors and are specific about their location in a chapter, I can fix them quickly. When it's here in the comments, I tend to ignore tyem.

Hope this isn't dead.. Its a great story!:heart:

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