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Young, Clueless, a dragon with hunger for a hoard of knowledge but my hoard is to be spread with friends, families and more.


This story is a sequel to The Dragon Lord's Legacy

Spike the Dragon, is now Guardian Spike. His role has just started but so has the many challenges that come with it. From his position, he now faces foes and challenges from his past, in the present as a Guardian and his future as an Elder. His days spent with his pony family are limited, his heart is being tested and an unknown variable keeps coming to play with him at all sides.
Will he succeed in his role as the Dragon Guardian, changing not just his life but the lives of others?

The Final fire burns within and Spike's journey has just started, in this third and final arc in the Dragon Lord series!

Note art is a temporary cover. All credit goes to Artist and respected rights to them.

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Can't wait to go on the next journey

A wonderful start! I cant wait to see where this story goes and the conclusion to such an amazing series:heart::moustache:


Thanks for the faves and support. I can't wait to show you all how this journey starts and ends!

Oh boy this will be great. Sad to hear you plan to be done by the end of the end, especially since the year is almost over. That will truly be a sad day, because you focus a lot on dragons of the MLP setting and i greatly appreciate that.

Awesome. Can't wait for the next chapters to read.

I may continue dragon work on mlp but not as active here. Spike will have stories elsewhere. Dont be discouraged to try your own!😋

Hope to read those Spike stories, cause im no writer.

If you like dragon stories in general i will write those as well.

You can't save everyone, thus you have to prioritize those most important to you. That will be hard to accept, but it must be done, less one stretches themselves too thin and breaks as a result.

Now thats an adorable hatchling.

i assume the dragon hunters are the ones who scared Spikes biological mom so much. If thats the case, they must be powerful or have some great knowledge of a dragons weakness to be such a threat.

Not nessercarily but like I said, I will talk about them for a bit next chapter.

I am thinking of the Scale hunters Sludge once mentioned. It would be ironic of all the things he lied about, this wasn't one of them.

Yeah, this desire to make peace is not good. Fighting a defensive war against a side that is intent on achieving victory no matter what will eventually lead to your defeat. As that side will grow increasingly ruthless and only stop if you utterly destroy them if not outright kill them. Trying to achieve a moral victory in war just weakens you and is a pretty fatal weakness at that. As Machiavelli said, the only just way to wage war is to end it quickly. Slow bleeding just leads to greater hatred and greater loss of life in the long-term.

Nice to see our dragon city from the comics coming. That's where Mina who i adore came from. She is a great character from the comics.

A good set up makes a good story.

And hints to possible future stories can be pretty nice to. Just don't set it up and then abandon it like so many other writers. All that build up for nothing really sucks.

Oooo um may I ask where I could read them from

As i stated before the focus is on dragons, not the ponies. It will always remain on them and to give the dragon hunters a blank slate.
Everything else is going through motion.

Yeah, it could easily apply to dragons as well. Setting up a story and then a good chunk through its abandoned. Sucks when that happens.

What part specifically do you wish i don't skip over or abandon?

I really want to see the dragon city from the comics. that was such an interesting place that its a shame the show never made use of it.

I have 2 chapters dedicated to them so i will definitely try to include much of what i can there

awesome, great to hear.

Sorry took me this long to see it but scale hunters? Dont remember that.
As for the hunters, they are thriving on centuries of hate and will continue to fight as long as th3y live.
Bloodlust can be dangerous for either side.

Mina is always a win!

It was a blink and you'll miss it line. So yeah, most wouldnt remember him saying that.
Can be and it can also be a great advantage.

Yes she is, love her character and seeing her history with Spike here will be great.

Good to know on that.

Mina is a current question mark as I have some idea what to do with her but not fully fledged

Hmm, i see. Well whatever you have planned, i'm sure it will be good.

Oh yeah, all aboard to Dragon city. Here we go baby.

Shadowscale just needs to join the harem/hoard. Ones hoard can never be too big.

Garble and Treehugger to make some Kirin.

Oh boy, i'm excited to see what you add to Dragon city. this is going to be an exciting and fun arc.

I hope it 'meats' your expectations! :raritywink:

Dragon city will be a fun challenge!

Shadescale has her own... character growth, so we will see.

..... maybe:derpytongue2:

Wise mentor Figures like Blacktip are always a joy to read.

Because the odd girls really are the Spice of life. Embrace it Spike.

Everyone needs an Amy in their life. Someone who will just cut through the bullshit and say it straight.

Nice Tiamat Nod and that was great world building with the Yetis.

Being related to Sludge... yikes.

Its a good thing Spike doesnt bring up that incident involving Sludge, cause there'd be hell to pay should they learn what he did. Maybe he could weasel his way out a bit if he really wasn't lying about the scaled hunters he encountered and thus had some knowledge on them.

Sludge was season 8. He is not yet introduced as we are just landing around that time frame.

Amy is my excuse to say outloud bullshit that most cannot and I love developing her story through that! :pinkiehappy: She was going to be more toned down but I decided the opposite and might actually improve or be the voice of non-logical reason and no b.s ing when it comes down to the actual plot. No shame but also we do need more like her in our lives.

Tiamat will get more mentions later too.

Yetis need more love!:heart:

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