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Failure but with a Smile · 6:13am May 30th

So I submitted in my two stories for the Double Trouble Wincest Contest and my entry was Survival of Our Hive. AND. WHAT. A. FAILED. EXPERIMENT. THAT. WAS!!!!

aND i loveD IT!!!
No, there is no bashing on anyone and this is no mock up post, this is my geuine reaction.

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10 Years of My Little Pony Blog Pt 2. · 10:11pm March 17th

Blog Post Pt 2

    Continuation of first blog:

    My interest in MLP was a miniscule thing to begin with because I didn’t really think that the fandom was huge. That is to say, bronies were a thing but not huge when I began watching. Then over time as I watched the show, it became… more than just a cartoon and without a doubt, it has become something I look forward to watching on my screen.

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10 Years of My Little Pony Blog Post Pt.1 · 11:00pm March 16th

So... 10 years on Fimfiction. Normally, this should celebrate something and I will. By the weekened I should have a couple of stories on here, new and updating.
Now, don't expect a full rant about... how everything thing about this site was fantastic and the people and all that. WHILE I DO APPERCIATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE HERE, I will instead talk about what the time meant for me here and the future.

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I... HATE... MY LITTLE PONY... But that is not all... · 5:41am February 21st

So this is not a clickbait, this is a small rant that I need to get out before I can dish out my next story.
For the last... two years, I have been saying that next year or the year after would be my last here on Fimfiction and it hasn't happened and I hate it because of MLP.

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666 followers... ON HALLOWEEN!!! · 12:09am Nov 1st, 2021


Thank you for all the followers, especially on such a .... unique time of year!!!
So... have a save and happy halloween... thanks for the subscribtions... HAIL Satan and I will upload a story of horror soon!

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Delay in stories Dusk Shine and Death likes me · 2:17am Oct 5th, 2021

So sorry for the delay on Dusk Shine and Death like me rough.
So... files got corrupted and a good chuck was deleted.
(Insert Nooooo Gif here)

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Birthday, Update and future. · 7:27pm Sep 29th, 2021

Today is my birthday! Woohoo! And is tradition for myself and people who know me, lets break out the traidtional song of my fellow people.... Metalheads!


Now I am 29 and feel old but also feeling happy ive made it this far in life. With these last couple of years its been tough. Now, onto the updates!

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Results for Dragon Lord Legacy · 8:09pm Jul 29th, 2021

So the results are in and I am happy with the outcome. Few complaints on the choices but this was just a fun little thing to give to my reads a choice. iN fairness, the choices were not to ruin a character, but to give more dynamic to their possible future.
The chapter is being written and it will be a short one, but the ones after should follow a pattern like the others. The next few chapters will be critical and to a point will be affected by the descions made by you.

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Finding original story befor renewal · 8:30pm Mar 28th, 2021

is there anyone out there who has th original first chapters of my original story for As from Pony, To being a Dragon. Spike's Story? Is there a website or anyone who has downloaded? I saddened to say the work for it was stored on a hard drive that no longer works. :fluttershyouch: it would help me continue the story and as well as improve it so I can continue it properly

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Regarding Update on Death Likes me Rough · 2:48pm Feb 13th, 2021

So.... Death likes me rough is not dead it is neither on hiatus.... should have put it on one but to late because I will update soon.
The reason I paused on it was because Corona or Covid 19 had kicked off and several points of my story had dieses and death come into play.

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