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A long awaited secret has been held. Spike had become ill and now must come to learn of an inheritance that has been around since the birth of the Dragon Race. He will finally know where he came from, who he is, and what the future may hold for him. However, dark paths lie ahead and fate intertwines with the string. Foes rise, away from him and in front. Ponies will have their own battles to face without him to see it, but his own fights will be their own dismay. What will be his future at the end and will it be his choice to make or a sacrifice in which may cost the lifes of the ones he cares for.

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He also brought something to her that she had long been without. That was someone whom would call her…


That part makes me crack up every time I read it:derpytongue2:

Also sorry if there are a few words that don't make sense in there. Those are always the hardest for me to spot.

And that cliffhanger though!!

Interesting first chapter. I am happy you did explain why he was in the state he was in. I was worried we wouldn't get the answers to that this chapter which would have left this on a pain in the ass of a cliff hanger. This one feel honestly more predictable but it still makes us want to see more and how their society will handle what Spike must do in order to live.

More explanations will come in the following days.

Great chapter I have to say. I can't wait to see what will happen next. There is another interesting thing I couldn't help but think about. Spike has now reached a new level a maturity I would say with the hunger of meat and the growth he has gone through. I honestly could see him now developing much stronger sexual desires as well. But I think more than anything it should be fore Celestia as well. I know she is his 'mother' but he is about to find out that isn't the case or at least not his birth mother. Not to mention from what we saw from Luna and Celestia Alicorns don't have a problem with being intimate with each other. I think that could honestly be because really a normal stallion or mare can't be with them. They are really almost a separate species from them both in size and everything. I mean with Celestia's ties with the sun I could see her running MUCH hotter than a normal mare, too hot for a normal stallion and her size being far too large. But not for Spike. I can see after tasting her blood, and growing in size he start to see her as mate instead of a mother figure, Luna as well to a lesser degree. I can see Celestia honestly even tho it is under helping Spike deep down wanting him deeply and wanting to be his mate with not having a real proper mate in SOOO long. And Spike has been raised and groomed to be everything she could want. And she is doing it to help her little ponies, if Spike before he learn to temper his urges could really break and ruin a normal mare. So she need to be his mate.... for them. No matter how much she must rut with the young drake she has groomed to be her ideal partner.

This is interesting to say the least. I think this gives some foreshadowing of what will come. Now if that was needed idk to be honest. I think having this all be hidden and not giving this to always been looking out for would have made the events leading up to this all the more impact but I think it could give us some insight on what this group will be doing and why they will be in fact doing it. I think we need to see at least when it comes to this group how they work so hard to keep what was seen from happening. We can't see them half ass it or it wont make sense since to them this is a life ending event.

This is story is amazing.

When is the next chapter i am hooked!

I have read these three chapters so far and I cannot deny that this story feels like something written before season 6 even though this story was written in 2018

Yeah in having debates on where or how to fix this, if at all.

I have a doubt. If this story continues, will you present characters from the last seasons or will they be completely original?

Please continue this story. I really like this one, and I miss the original. I hope it does not become lost

This or the original lost? The original was a bit of a fluke, but this one was the betterment. I will start this once my final pony based stories end this year. I haven't had time to really look over the last chapter I wrote but expect something soon!

I like them both, even if the original was a fluke (which I don't believe it was). I am happy it gets to continue. There are too many stories that are great and never finish, I don't want this one to end up the same way.

Like I said it may be awhile but this will continue for a long while. I have this set up for at least a few years to come if I can nail it down.

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