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3 years into her rule, Nightmare Moon reigns happily, despite having encountered another alicorn. However, the fears comes quickly as an Assassin comes for her. WIll they succeed or will she fail like the others? And what will happen to Equestria after?

Based on Alternate Timeline Season 5 E.26 of Nightmare Verse
Not sure if one shot or more

Chapters (5)
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This should definitely be continued :twilightsmile:

although, i have to ask? What was the romance tag for? There wasnt any romance

6834452 Considering the groups it's in and the fact that this is only the first chapter, I'd guess it comes later into play.

I hate you. Not really, but my fic https://www.fimfiction.net/story/307508/the-nightmare-that-came-from-above#comment/6831238 has the SAME cover art, and made me think it was featured. Then I saw the name XD

I didnt read yet but take the upvote :)

6834452 perhaps there's some MoonLight planned later.

but it was put in the "Non-Romance" folder of the group Moonlight 2.0

I defeated Kings, conquers and the monsters themselves!

Uhm... you were kinda useless against Discord until Celestia found the Elements... and the Elements stopped Tirek too... and you BOTH fought Sombra.

Sayyyyy, care to name one thing you fought on your own?

*NMM fumes silently as the indestructible Alondro taunts her*

I thought so. Sheesh, what are you competing with Kim Jung Un for the 'Most Delusional Tyrant Award' or something? Oh, and by the way, allow me to reintroduce a little something your timeline somehow forgot. *snaps fingers and Discord's statue appears* Have a blast... *he cackles as vanishes as the statue chuckles ominously and begins to crack.

NMM erfs, "Oh, yeah... Discord was a thing... buck me..."


6834969 I think at this point i might have to mention that, thanks though

6834645 Gonna create my own cover art or change it, just temporary for now.

6834988 You mean there IS a Most Delusional Tyrant Award?! :pinkiegasp:


There have been many interpretations of what would happen if Nightmare Moon won. Would Equestria freeze and die? Would the whole world freeze and die? (Or would half freeze while the other half bakes??) Is "endless night" just a euphemism for extinction, or would Nightmare Moon have some magical way to make it survivable?

The only problem I see here is. . . If endless night was, in fact, going to freeze Equestria and kill everypony, it wouldn't take three years. Surely it would have happened by now. The alternate Equestria we got a glimpse of in the TV show seemed to be doing fine, at least physically. It was a cold and harsh society under a cold and harsh leader, though.

6835098 True but if you pay attention, Nightmare said that her sister 'has been imprisoned in the moon for years now'.
Roughly, the time she came back on the 1000th year till Twilight's castle. So we already know that episodes 1-3 its been a whole year since then since its stated. 4-5 would be roughly another year or so since winter wrap up and Nightmare night came. At that point something should have happened but didn't. I know the show wont get much darker because its a kid show but i am pretty sure if they could, they would either mention failed crops, cold weather and such.
Not to mention that Discord has been ruling for years... where day and night cycle screwed up. No plants would grow.
Tirek absorbed all the magic so same with trees and plants.
If chrysalis was successful, would celestia be imprisoned in the pods, then would would control the moon and sun?

Not everything can be really hand on check but i get what your saying so i will work my way with it.


For whatever it's worth: In Past Sins (and the immediate sequel Point of No Return, which was also an alternate world!) the scenario we were given was: There would be new crops that can grow in darkness. (Mushrooms? Dreamberries? Bodark apples?) There would be new magical lights that would warm the towns and let ponies live and work without stumbling around in abject darkness.

However, Nightmare Moon and her followers hadn't really thought through all these ideas fully or prepared the new items for distribution all over the country as they should, and the whole plan began to fall apart. So, even if you don't emulate those stories, the point I'd make is that there are ways it can go that fall somewhere in between "everything is fine" and "everything is dead".

6835157 Read it and true enough looked into that. Like i said, i will mention this and even though i know i can't cover everything, i will tryi to find some solutions or alternatives.

6834969 Um the EOH werre not mentioned in the first defeat of Tirek. Luna did help take care of Sombra.

In this universe Chryssy likely didn't invade. She had beaten Sombra so the Emprie is under her control, Discord still in stone, and Tirek likely didn't escape.

I do wonder about Sunset?

Please continue. this has great potential.


I have a simulator that can test that. I'll get back to you after I've tested it.

6835521 But that's just it, Luna HELPED. She never beat anything by herself.

Celestia kept Equestria at peace for 1,000 years ALONE.

The record kinda speaks for itself.

As for Discord still being in stone... why is he? We've already seen another world where he got out even though there were no Bearers, so the hypothesis that the Bearers taking the Elements broke the spell on him is disproved by the episode itself. Therefore, he should have escaped in EVERY SINGLE ALTERNATE TIME LINE, perhaps even more quickly if his escape was aided by disharmony among ponies... of which there would be much with NMM in charge.

In fact, the future where he's free and ruling chaotically is the single most likely future out of them all. Without the Elements, there's literally nothing that can stop him... save for Tirek sucking his magic out... which would only happen if Discord allowed him to have all the ponies' magic... which Discord would have absolutely no incentive to allow if he's already in control.

Which, as I've mentioned repeatedly since the finale, is one of the weakest points of the episode: the alternate timelines never properly utilize event continuity and causality. NMM, Discord, and Sombra would ALWAYS happen, as their appearance and actions take place independently of the Bearers. Chrysalis might have second thoughts with the other villains around, and Tirek might either not escape or might be afraid of the other villains in his weakened state since there's no way any of them would work with him. NMM and Sombra would never trust him, and Discord would have no need of him.

6835568 Frankly the other timelines should have existed. Nightmare will always beat Celestia. NMM has a drive in that and Celestia lacks that.

What triggered Discord's release? Best bet the reconstitution of the Elements and healing Luna drained them and weaken his prison. If Celestia knew it would fail at some point then why have it in the garden?

Chryssy was after love for her subjects. With NMM in control i doubt Equestria has the same love generation that prime does thus no invasion.

With Sombra she like Luna sujested would have gone in right away and NMM being more agrressive then either Luna or Celestia would have taken him down and secure the Empire. Heck under NMM they would have an esier time then Sombra.

Tirek would not get loose for NMM would have tighter security.

While it was fansiating to see these other possiblilites only NMM's would exist. thus my claim that season 5 had overall poor writing.

Except their is a possibility Nightmare Moon may not be given a chance to do battle with Celestia. In the old Timeline, Celestia had a way, a chance to free Luna of Nightmare Moon. In the other timelines, Celestia would have no option but to do the one thing she need to do to protect her ponies, kill her sister.
That is also assuming she doesn't have backup to things like used magical ruins that of the one time use to send Nightmare Moon to another prision to say Tartarus and whose to say that Elements of Magic could not be worked temporary by Celestia if she never find Twilight and the other five girls.
Just saying I can see the other timelines happening but I am more surprised that its not multiple villains at once, though that maybe why Equestria is a wasteland for it was fought at once by foes like Nightmare Moon, Terik and Sombra as they do seem like the will screw you too if you defeat us.

Very interesting! I hope there will be a second chapter.

6835655 I don't think Celestia is capable of killing Luna or her alter ego NMM. She may have the power to the drive is not there. And all hints lead to Luna being the better tactician of the two.

A face off is unavoidable Starlight didn't change the factors for that face off.

Except the factor Celestia knew the Elements would not work for her and since she had a thousand years to prepare, she may have other means to deal with her sister but didn't for the Elements was the only way to give her back her sister. And you underestimate how much Celestia love Equestria, the country she kept going for a thousand years, and what she is willing to scarifice to save it.
Besides, she doesn't need to kill Luna if she had the means to imprisoned her.


Best bet the reconstitution of the Elements and healing Luna drained them and weaken his prison.

ALREADY DISPROVED BY THE EPISODE ITSELF. You seem to have missed the Discord-verse. HE GOT OUT DESPITE THE ELEMENTS HAVING NO NEW BEARERS. Hence, he would have ALWAYS eventually escaped.

If Celestia knew it would fail at some point then why have it in the garden?

Same reason that Celestia left the Elements in the dangerous Everfree Forest and sent 6 untrained mares to fight her homicidal demonic sister all by themselves while she ran off and hid somewhere? (That'd be, little-kid-show-level writing and plot-convenience.)

In a SERIOUS story depicting a more 'genuine' state of affairs, Discord's statue would be buried in the heart of the crystal caverns underneath Canterlot, surrounded by every form of detection and warning spell Celestia could find and the Elements would have been studied like hell to determine what was needed to activate them, plus Celestia would have had a massive army of mages trained over the past thousands years to be ready for NMM's return.

NMM isn't THAT powerful. A direct hit on Celestia only stunned her. Not even close to Chrysalis' power, in fact. Chrysalis actually hurt Celestia significantly! So, again, by the show's own directly demonstrated events, NMM is WEAKER than Chrysalis!

Seriously, don't try to use the show's frequent use of plot contrivances to justify further plot contrivances in addition to speculation. It's too easy to find contradictions.

Maybe the show's writers should, I dunno, PAY ATTENTION TO CONTINUITY MORE OFTEN!!!!! Or, just stop trying to write serious episodes that require more carefully-written story structure.

Then we'd not have issues like this. Just a thought. :raritywink:

6835747 But does she? 1000 years ago she HAD to use the Elements to imprison NMM. She would be willing to sacrifice herself for Equestira but only if she had a replacement. In many fan stories Sunset was that replacement but we know how that turned out.

I think the Sombra would be the second likeliest timeline only because we don't see Luna in it. Yes Celestia may be able to win but odds against her for her track record.

6835755 I consider this a badly written episode for they didn;'t think long and hard on what the Elements not coming together would do.

They jsut thought "Let;'s have all their villains win in these timelines no matter what logic says that's impossible with changing just one point in history.

6835779 That's what I've been saying all along. There was no thought given to the continuity at all. EVERYTHING was wrong with it, all the way down to Starlight's own decent into generic little kid's show villain and her absurd backstory. It was so bad it even makes every villains' comic backstory go up a ranking (taking the new bottom spot!).

Really, I could have accepted it just a tad more if Starlight had been totally insane and just wanted to destroy Equestria no matter what and Twilight had to throw her into the Time Vortex or something... but that insta-reform and the crummy rationale behind everything Starlight did... sheesh. There's pathetic, and then there's Starlight Glimmer!

6835854 I think we both can agree that this last season had just poor writing for the most part. No clue why but they did. The sad part with just some tweaking it could have been good.

Take the finale for example. Starlight should have run into more trouble with cutie marks to get her mindset where it is. then she alters time and Twilight, spike, AND Starlight end up in the Nightmare Universe and she finally realizes how important Twilight friendship is. Heck have her end up in Pleasantville (My name for Our Town) And let's see the nightmare version of it.

6835896 Yep, only a couple loops were actually needed. And the time travel spell itself should have had side-effects she didn't expect.

That's another problem, which brings her into Mary Sue territory. She does ANYTHING and it always works EXACTLY how she intended, even when she'd never studied it before or tested it.

And she gets Sunset Shimmer-style insta-redemption, which is just an additional slap in the face for those of us who prefer better storytelling.

This is far worse than even Luna's forgiveness. At least with Luna, there is the argument to be made that she was under the control of... something... (God, are they EVER going to get around to properly explaining how NMM happened? It's been 5 years for that dangling plot thread without so much as a whisper of credible material other than the comic, which is quite blatantly alt-universe now.) But Starlight (and Sunset) are forgiven after a few tears.. when they were both close to destroying crap only moments before. Most villains would then smirk and stab them in the back as soon as they turned around... which is the sort of thing villains actually do when they cry and beg to be spared after the hero stops their nefarious plans and the hero's an idiot.

6836291 well i'm not a fan of the parasite thing. But at least with Luna we can say it took time for her to get that way and NMM was a desperate ploy for love an attention.

Sunset has too little known but post EOH you see her like luna struggling to make amends

Starlight is by far the most pathetic villian yet. Heck making easily stand toe to toe with Twilight, and alicorn with a specialty in magic was really stupid.

These issues will be addressed in my storiies that get close to this episode.

I really like this. Please continue.
The story in intriguing and I actually quite like where you have gone so far with exploring what it might be like with Nightmare Moon winning against her sister.
Alicorn Twi I hope to see again. What was it with the time travel too? Many the unanswered questions. They make me want to keep reading.
Upvote and Fave are so far well deserved.

The potential romance I'm hoping is between Luna(Nightmare Moon) and Twilight :rainbowlaugh:

Very interesting. I know one shade is Trixie but I think the other is an OC

Nightmare had never felt so tired before and for once in her life, she had felt cold.

I think Nightmare Moon is experiencing depression.

I wish this story moves from the "Not Romance" to the "Romance" folder in moonlight 2.0, we need more of the Moonlight shipping.

I love the idea. This story is full of promise.

However you should probably get yourself an editor. Stuff like

united the 3 pony tribes

is pretty much a stylistic no-go.

The Party Approves of this.

Carry on the good work

I like the story idea so far, which is why I'm still reading, but you really need a proofreader. Both chapters so far are riddled with grammar errors.

this story is really getting good please keep the awesome work up and I look forward to more ch for this story and others storys you make.

6836722 Just added a link to the other guard.

6837805 personally I call her off white not light gray

6839097 I would have said the same but for me off white would be like the white in the box we type in and off white like the background color here on Fimfic.

6839590 well no matter, just put the link let the rest judge it.

“Is this the real me? Is the real me worth loving for? Please! I need to know!” With that she grabbed Cadance and cried freely onto her breast. Despite the height diffrence, Luna sat on her haunches and buried herself into Cadance, crying freely unto her. Cadance held her, letting her cry herself and softly rocking her head to her, trying to gently calm her down and whispering to her ear.


Getting really pissed off now. If the pairing is Cadance and Nightmare/Luna, tben WHY IS IT IN THE MOONLIGHT FOLDER IN THE MOONLIGHT GROUP!? I really like the story and all but tbe fact that the ship isnt what i thought irritates me

Oh boohoo Nightmare. You get all emo and feel that excuses everything you do. No it does not. You're a horrible and cruel pony who got jealous of her sister over nothing. The suffering of your people is your fault. Cadence is too good to be your moral pet. I honest to god hope everything around you crashes and burns. You horrible, horrible pony.

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