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In a surprise visit, Dragon Lord Ember comes to Ponyville with important news to give to her good friend Spike. According to her words, a great gathering among dragons is soon to be upon them, and in it, every dragon of age must find another dragon to become mated to by its end -- for life -- or risk becoming mate-less and alone forever, as stated by dragon law.

With such a sudden and perturbing turn of events, Spike, who is of the proper maturity, finds himself thrust into a most dire situation. Being raised by ponies has left him unfamiliar with his kind's inherent customs and traditions, but he knows that if he fails to participate or act like a proper dragon at the gathering, he fears he could lose his chance to show Ember the feelings he's been keeping from her for the past few years.

Does Spike have the ability to behave like the rest of his kind? And even if he succeeds in relearning his dragon instincts with the help of his friends, will he still be able to win over Ember's affections before someone else does?

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Yas! Spember shipping!:pinkiehappy:

Please continue. I can't wait to read it

I'm guessing Starlight went to see Sunburst for a visit?


Forget them, (Cause we all know Twilight wants Sunburst :rainbowlaugh: and Starlight is working on keeping him away from her) but what will Spike do? Admittedly I don't like Spike too much, but he's a cool character.

Yeas dragon lord ozai best fic ever

He's still digging up gems for Rarity? It's nice that's he's willing to lend his friends a hand, but doesn't he have a life for himself? It seems his entire character is what he does for others.

Looking forward to more.

:raritystarry::twilightoops: Forever?

:twilightoops: she interfered ?
:moustache: married...
:twilightoops: you?
:moustache: no...
:twilightoops: Rarity?
:moustache: no...
:twilightoops: Ember and you?
:moustache: she ran off....
:twilightoops: who Rarity?
:moustache: they both did.
:twilightangry2: from you?
:moustache: they ran off together :facehoof:

After fighting long and hard, Spike wins Ember's favor, only to have her kidnapped, and with talons pointing at Twilight, Spike being forced to step up as Dragon Lord, only because the scepter didn't doesn't repeal him, he must find Ember while clearing Twilight's name as the rest of Dragonkind is demanding war and blood. The sequel of course. ;P I love this story so far!!!!!!!!

Wow, so not a single dragon pair has ever broken up? Surprising to hear that they have that little marriage trouble.

Yay next chapter:yay:

I can already sense that spike is going to make thing unesasaryly awkward at the gathering:moustache:

7279901 probably some weird soul bonding stuff which makes it soo dam successful

Spike is the only one of the group is starting date mating.

7279901 That's probably because heartbroken dragons will eat the hearts of their exes.

Rarity helping:raritystarry:

This won't end well for Spike:facehoof::facehoof:

Uh, no offense to them, but what do they know about dating? Especially Dragon-dating.

:moustache: I was rejected they said I smelled like their usual evening diner:twilightoops::raritystarry::rainbowderp::pinkiecrazy::fluttercry::applejackconfused:

Wait a min... So that dance sounds oddly for some reason... Wait it isn't what I think it is right? :pinkiegasp:

Man if so, Dragons are so offs :rainbowlaugh:

Using his brains seems like it'll be a bit harder than they think when they go into 'instinct' mode.


I'm just guessing but I think it's a mating flight most "dances" between male and female dragons in the air are

7308617 Ever seen the spectacular mating ritual of bald eagles?

Lady dragons are called Dragoness.

But is attempting to court the Dragon Lady have a special rule?

It was a gentle, paternal smile, one that quickly warmed his conflicted heart.

Twilight is Spike's father figure?

When's the next chapter coming out?

The true test begins now...:moustache:

You know, it's actually going to be a huge surprise if he doesn't try too woo Ember.

Here's something funny:
Hypothetically speaking, if a dragon's wings were erected at its fullest would his 'boners' will stand out at the same time?

Well the 3 ponies fine love with the Dragons?

I smell sum real gud bs from ember...:trollestia:

OMG love it! I can't wait for the next chapter!

How's the next chapter coming along?

7476039 Ah, I've been busy on my site-of-the-same-name on Fanfiction.net. My tales there need some love too.

Prediction: Spike's socially advanced, pony-influenced charm will make him a target for every dragoness present, drawing all attention away from male dragons and making it impossible for him to find Ember.

Wonderful story! I can't wait for the next chapter, I laughed especially at the part where torch addresses all the dragons:twilightsmile:

Haha:rainbowlaugh: Torch... Never change.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!

It's gonna end up as a huge surprise if Spike's mate isn't Ember.

7476901 Care to tell me some of your better ones?

7504090 ALL OF THE LATER ONES, specifically 'Methods of Interrogation', and 'Life and Death', and 'The Mosquito', to name a few.

7504933 How is the next chapter coming along?

"When's that fact ever been different?" Spike quipped back...

Garble only took offense to that because the author said so. That was the most poorly-worded insult I've ever heard. Sounded like someone who doesn't know how to write trying to sound smart.

Considering Garble's previous statement it's actually a decent insult if you stop and think about it.

No need to fight, mates! I came up with a better insult. Also remember, Garble is an adult dragon, and so is easily offended by the tiniest of insults. Like Smaug from The Hobbit. Or Donald Trump.

:moustache: I sorta struck out.....
:twilightsheepish: why?
:moustache: I smelled like ponies!

:rainbowlaugh: here's some deodorant...


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