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"You think you know me..."



It started when they first met. A growing flame that began to burn in their hearts. It was unknown to them what this flame was, but it grew stronger as they got older and their feelings moved on from friendship to something else. Some fires grow slowly, but when given time they burn more passionate and brighter then any volcano.

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Just a small series of chapters (no less then a thousand words) of a new ship I like a lot.

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Awww... So adorable <3

Oh I am so tracking this! :raritystarry:

Excellent start! :twilightsmile:

This is so faved! :heart::pinkiehappy:

I will DIE a Sparity fan.

But I like this story and will give Spember a chance. :twilightsmile:

Faved, Mat-I mean Rated. :derpytongue2:

This is going to be one of those romance fics that I end up fav'ing, right? Not that's a bad thing, tho. Track and Upvote :twilightsmile:

I expect THE kiss.

Oooh, this looks interesting! Looking forward to see more in the future! Instant fave for you my friend :twilightsmile:

this is pretty nice :pinkiegasp:

I don't really ship SpikeXEmber but I never miss out on a potentialy good story. Keep up the good work!

This is such a nice start. plz keep it up:heart:

Nice fic, though this line:

Like a burning fire had just erupted into their hearts and the hug enkindled it

Is a bit UGH :rainbowwild:. Still liking and tracking it, though. :scootangel:

Alright I don't want to sound mean cause I don't want to, but I see this all the time with fanfic writers. The ship could easily be there but when someone starts liking another person they will more then likely know. Love is not some unknowable force that attacks people and forces them together. It is something that the person is well aware of. Now saying they are in denial about it is perfectly acceptable but just having their subconscious decide is not something that realistically happens without some disorder. Along with that having a character be shocked at there own actions is not realistic either. There has to be some motivation for them to want to do it otherwise they have another disorder. Now that does not mean that can't look back on it and say how stupid they were because that is realistic. Anyways that's my slight rant and hope this helps a little bit.

This seems like it will be a grate story can't wait to see if when finished!

7168701 This is a story about fire breathing dragons, and you get a lot of fire in a grate, so I agree with you. :pinkiehappy:

Daaaw, pure adorableness.

Ember kissing him was a bit much but then I disagree with them having any kind of romantic tension this soon to begin with. At the end of the day both of them are still kids here. They should be friends for a few years before anything romantic starts happening. That aside this is a good start, I'm liking this ship a lot myself and I want to see where this goes though I would to see a few chapters with them still being young before the inevitable time-skip. One where Spike shows Ember around and/or introduces her to the other ponies would be nice.

I'll like and follow for now.

So, liking this already.:pinkiehappy:

7168766 I know that I was saying looks like a grate story and it's dragons and all so of coarse there will be some fire in there maybe idk who knows. Anyways ya.

He was snarking at you because you misspelled great.

I guess it was too deadpan.

outstanding!! me wants more

It was good but their is not enough tsunderness. I mean, what happened with "Don't make me speak about my feelings!" thing?

more please more!!!

Yessss Spember love your work keep going dude or dudette? XD i think I am first? Horray!!! Anyway nice job keep going. Tymes say good luck too!!

Flying lessons with Ember. Can't wait to see that.

Big Wings Spike.


Do you by any chance mean obsidian-black? AFAIK an obelisk is just a stone structure, no color specifications, and obsidian is the actual kind of stone known to be dark-colored.

I really like this, very interesting story, I'll follow.

Oooooooooh. Spike's mommy and daddy!

I like the dialogue in this story. It's very authentic to the original characters.

Oh, I like where this is going.:moustache:

Spike's surrogate mom is Celestia which makes Twilight his sister.

can't wait for more.

So... is she just going to ignore the age of his egg, or is that just a normal age for eggs to hatch at?

Does that mean that dragons only get together during mating season (unless they become life mates)? Can they be lovers or dragons with benefits?

So, they have a bond like a Dragon and their Rider in the Inheritance Cycle?

7221188 Sweet, do they have eldunari as well?

7216101 I must politely disagree with you my friend. I believe that the person who hatches the egg is the mother, not the sister.

Yea I want to know who is spike parents and are they still alive

7226287 Not if that "mother" hasn't even started school yet.

7223720 lol eragon reference for the win

7253579 Love the books, hate the movie.

7253173 A fair point. But I still stand by my opinion.

And then Garble saw the hug and began passing rumors. XD

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