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It's been one hundred years since all of Spike's friends passed away. All he has now is Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and sometimes Discord.

Feeling lonely one night, Spike remembers befriending the dragon princess, Ember, and decides to finally visit her after all these years.

They have a lot to catch up on.

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Hmm, cute. But it doesn't really feel like it went anywhere.

I like it.

Eh... I'm with Eon. Great set up, but weak payoff.

7139855 the story needs a sequel or to be longer.


Even I liked the comment. :twilightoops:

nicely done in such a short notice

It's about time that Spike gets someone who will live as long as him.


Everyone's thinking of shipping him (not that I mind), but they also never realize that he could have a friend that could live with him as long as he would.

7142194 Exactly. It doesn't always have to be love and can just be a good friendship that is the best friendship ever.

Nice seeing Ember as a long-time friend rather than a love interest.

I like it! A perfect slice o life! Well, maybe not perfect, but you get the idea.

What happened to Twilight, she's Immortal as well. Mostly cause it is stated in season 6 opening that Celestia and Luna weren't born Alicorns so by logic Twilight and Cadance are also immortal.


Writters said that Twilight may be an Alicorn but she is not immortal. The same thing happened to Cadence but if you cant handle that then you can just picture her at the Crystal Empire.

Odd, as it is never explained why Celestia and Luna are immortal it is easy to presume it is because they are alicorns

"It was...a New Age."--Londo Mollari


Yes, I remember hearing about that:trixieshiftleft:. Although, personally, I never gave that announcement full weight as I suspected it was more in answer to fan rumblings that Twilicorn was heading into marysue territory:trixieshiftright:. I could be wrong of course, but still for those of us who might not like it that's what headcannon is for, right:moustache:?


Yup. Though I wanted to make it more interesting so this was done.

Please tell me there's more

my fffeeeeellllllsss

7147356 Sorry for necroposting, but I had to add something. The writers said Twilight will not outlive her friends. That means they could become alicorns, too.

this was an amazing story thanks

7208441 awwww hell no !!

7448140 Well...
Let's hope not.

I kind of have to agree with other comments , this story kind of just stops I mean good idea and al but soar at really have a spild end point.

Great story :pinkiehappy:
Spike's my favorite character as well :moustache:

7152870 They have character tags for Ember, Garble, and dragons.


Oh yeah... thanks for reminding me.

I did not expect to see Babylon 5 here.

Not bad. I made my own story slightly similar to this though with Spike interacting with Garble and they are friends. I'm glad that turned out canon.

Too damn short! …….Well done though.

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