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I don't love Spike! He's weak, small, sensitive and unlike any dragon I've met! I like him as a friend, of course—he lets me... feel things and express things and a whole lot of other things. Just... can he win this fight to become my fake partner?

Coverart by Whitediamonds.

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Comments ( 43 )

You’re just pumping out these short stories. Good reads. :twilightsmile:

lol another Spike story lol I look forward to the next one lol

You forgot the "baka" in the title. :pinkiecrazy:

Thunders ember is adorable

This is a good story. Keep it up^^

This was great. I honestly love these Spike alot. Where he has personality but he isn't a ass to everyone lol. It was so nice and very interesting to see it from Ember's perspective. This was a very enjoyable read for sure.

Pretty fuckin' much

could have imagined:

Correction: B-Baka!

Dragons have no lips. No outer skin to so. :derpytongue2: Other than that, amazing story though.

Suspension of disbelief save me now

You cant end this here, this totally deserves a sequel.

The best time to write.

For something written at 5 AM, this is excellent! Well formatted, well written, and deliciously characterized! Well done!

I could see the fight in my head. From the beginning, to the brutal end. Bravo!

Great work , I really like your spike x stories. Keep it up!

I enjoyed reading this. It was nice to see the story being told through Ember's point of view. Overall a great story and it's made it to my favorites.

Amazing story! I wasn't expecting to see a new spike x ember fic,but boi I am happy you decided to make this

This is very good. I can really relate to Spike's ideas about strength here; it's an important lesson I feel like I'm still trying to learn

And another good one, I can really appreciate your spike shipping stories, because spike isn't always just this sappy dragon who has everything going for him, he always earns it and has to fight for it, love your work, and hope you keep it up

And, in a Shyamalan-worthy twist, Rarity becomes so jealous she mutates into a giant fire-breathing monster and kidnaps Spike.


This should get a sequel

:rainbowlaugh: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

:duck: Ember? Now that you're now one of my Spikey Wikeys mates and just because you are a Dragon Lord doesn't make you Spikes number one! I'll have you know...bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...

:moustache: Yeah... She does that to all the mares... It's good to be the Spike!:facehoof: Her Spikey Wikey!

Great job! Another great Spike fic from a great writer!:moustache:

minor grammar errors but other than that pretty good

I Wrote This at Five in the Morning. Can You Tell?

Definitely does show signs of being written at 5am. A few mistakes scattered her and there, but nothing a quick edit or two couldn't fix. If it was written at 5am though, it really speaks to your autowriting skills. I've written late before, and I know it can be fun to just let the words spill out of you. But then you need to go back and make sense of them. The overall story is solid and the narrative pacing is great for something that is said to of been done in one sitting. Impressive.

This is a good story and I like Ember x Spike stories so that's a nice bonus.

“You couldn't satisfy a piece like that.” Firestorm glanced at me. “They need their legs broken to feel a good time. You ever made a girl's legs wide enough that they break?”


Holy fuck. Did I write a line like that?

Dude at this moment 3 of your stories are being featured at once

Well that was beautiful.

It was kinda easy to tell that you write it so early cause of some grammer errors here and there.

Going in my list of favorites

Spike should have activated his rage powers and turned into Spikezilla.

The show never has given any real explanation of how that worked.

Nor, if it's something common to all dragons... how they ever shrink back down given all the rest of them are just greedy all the time.



The interactions between Spike and Ember were pretty cute, but that fight scene was some anime shit.

I like this.
There needs to be more Spimber fics out there.

Um....Baka means, like, cow.
Why is it such a popular tsundere or whatever line.
Anyways...Rant outta the way.

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