• Published 27th Apr 2016
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A Growing Fire In My Heart - Rated Ponystar

A series of short chapters that show the growth of Ember and Spike's feelings as time goes on

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Chapter 1

Dragons rarely change their ways. They were and still are the oldest creatures in the world that had gained sentience, once even being the most powerful of races before their empire’s decline. This all changed when Discord, the spirit of chaos, rose to power. All races suffered, including the dragons, who never recovered from his actions that tore their once mighty empire into nothing.

From their fall however, a new race rose in power, the ponies of Equestria. With their mighty alicorn princesses, just as great in power as the strongest of dragons, they became the dominate power in the world with their unity. Many Dragons Lords tried to rise again and rule these ponies, but they were defeated each time in shame.

Since then, the dragon race has become nothing more than clans that sought battle, jewels, and power, only the power of the Dragon Lord keeping them from fighting each other in a civil war. Yet, a weak or narrow minded Dragon Lord has always prevented their race from evolving past their greedy nature. Ember swore a long time ago, upon learning the history of her people, that she would change things. She would create a new civilization for her people, one that they would be proud of. Their belief in strength alone was holding them back, they needed to use their brains if they were to ever rise from the ashes of their long dead empire. Ember knew she was smarter than most dragons, more ambitious than the lot of them. Even her father was no different than those he ruled.

So she swore, long ago, to use her smarts to change her people once and for all.

At long last, she could. She was the Dragon Lord. She could finally begin the plans she had dreamed of since she was a drake. Yet, she didn’t do this alone. She had a friend.

And he was so much smaller than her.

Ember stared at the scepter that she and Spike had fought all the other dragons for together. She still couldn’t believe that he had given it up for her. He could have been THE Dragon Lord, the ruler of all dragons. He could have guided them into whatever path he wanted. Instead, he trusted her, his friend, to guide them.

She watched him talk to his friends, the ponies who helped raise him, and wondered what would have happened if she had never met this young and innocent drake. Drown for one thing, she thought grimly at the first time he saved her. It would have been a one way ticket to dragon heaven for her if not for him.

Ember watched him come forward along with his friends, Princess Twilight and Rarity, with a bright smile that made her blush for some reason. “So you’re leaving?” she asked, with a slight pain in her chest when she said this.

“Yup, but don’t worry! We can exchange letters and such!” said Spike with enthusiasm. “Plus, I might come over for a visit or two.”

“I’d like that,” said Ember, nodding. “Maybe I can come visit as well?”

“Of course! It would be an honor to have the Dragon Lord come visit!” Twilight said while flapping her wings in excitement. “Plus, we can finally learn from each other! I have so many questions about dragons that I really can’t wait to learn all there is about them!” The alicorn squealed as she clapped her hooves together with joy.

The sight of such behavior made Ember snicker. Ponies sure are weird.

“I must admit, darling,” Rarity said as she stepped forward and raised her hoof. “I had my doubts about you, most dragons really. I’m glad that not all of you are like Garble.”

Ember frowned at first for even being compared to that idiot, but to be fair, she couldn’t blame her. Many dragons were of his mindset and she hoped to change that during her reign. It was about time dragons stopped being so obsessed with strength and brutality, and focus on becoming a respected and cultured civilization. Hopefully, she could do that with Spike and his friends helping her.

“It’s no problem, but I’m glad that somebody deflated his ego a bit,” she replied with a smirk.

“I take it you two were never friends?” asked Spike.

Ember snorted. “Our parents know each other, but Garble has always been a jerk; even by dragon standards. Most can’t stand him except for a few, but now that I’m Dragon Lord, he will have to obey me or else.”

“Just don’t be too rough, you don’t want to be like King Sombra,” said Spike.

“King who?” asked Ember, raising her head.

“Never mind, I’ll tell you another time,” said Spike as he held out his claw. “It was nice meeting you, Ember. I know you’ll be a great Dragon Lord.”

Ember stared at the outstretched claw and bit her lip. This was it. A goodbye. She had given those plenty of times before. Yet this one saddened her so much and deep down she knew why. I don’t want him to leave, she thought. I just met him, and I don’t want him to go.

She wanted him to stay. She could order him to do so. She wanted him to stay and help her change the dragon lands... but she didn’t want him to leave because he was her first friend.

Yet, could she really do that to him? Deny him his home and friends which he talked about with such happiness? No, I cannot do that to him, thought Ember as she gave a sad smile.

“I will miss you, Spike,” said Ember as she took his claw, but both their surprises, she brought him in for a hug.

Both dragons blushed at the sudden contact of their scales touching each other, yet they both felt warmer than they had in years. Like a burning fire had just erupted into their hearts and the hug enkindled it. It was only their second hug, but it felt better than their first one. In fact, she loved it more than her first one. Okay, first rule as Dragon Lord? Hugs are legal.

Then something happened that she didn’t expect, and she was the one who did it. It took Ember even a second to realize it.

She kissed him on the cheek.

She could hear both ponies gasping at the sight, and for a second she wondered if she did something insulting in pony culture terms. He stared at her with his eyes widened not in hatred or fear, but surprise and... something else. A sparkle in his eyes that Ember couldn’t name.

She had no idea what possessed her to kiss him. Besides, it was just a quick peck on the cheek, nothing more. “Um, I have to go. Dragon Lord things and all... yeah.”

“Um, me too! Talk later?” asked Spike, nervously kicking a rock nearby.

“Yes! Definitely!”






The two dragons stared into each other eyes, before turning away as Ember flew off. She didn’t dare look back to see his reaction nor his friends. All she could ask herself was why in the seven dragon gods did she kiss him?

And why did she like it?

Author's Note:

First chapter. All of these are pretty much going to be simple and short. I'll try to update it every week or so.