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I'm banned from Commenting in XCOM - Ranger it seems, so will just post my reply here. You can delete it if you so wish, so as to not dirty up your User Comments:


You seem to understand how this 'works'. First, you did get right that he split Sunset's Soul into two, something that should NOT be possible. It goes against MLP and XCOM lore. It's basically saying the Sirens are a Corruption, not actual people. That 'Aria', 'Sonata', and 'Adaigio' are actually corrupted evil being, taking over the Soul of innocent people, that they are 2 beings. Which is not the case. There is only 1 Aria, who was bored and raise Aria, and not some other girl corrupted into a Siren and named herself Aria. AKA, Nightmare Moon and Luna being 2 beings.

This means it was NEVER Sunset's fault. Anything that happened cause of 'Blood Magic', is now no longer Sunset's fault, it was all Fugue's fault. To blame Sunset, is to show ignorance to the Truth of the Matter, that being that Fugue is NOT Sunset, Fugue is all the corruption, Fugue is the one that forced Sunset to do anything and everything that is wrong, Fugue is 100% to blame, Sunset did nothing wrong on her own, and thus has none of the blame as she was being controlled, manipulated, and taken over by Fugue the entire time.

As for the Deus Ex, I was also talking about the Resolution. The story has basically been setting up from the very beginning, that if Sunset EVER lost control, she would be shot by the Anti-Magic Bullets and die. That's Chekov's Gun setup many many chapters ago. But the Author defied that. Now we know sunset WILL Live. She will take back over Fugue, she will NOT die. In a crossover with a game where hundreds of people die, where nearly no character is safe, Sunset as fucking bullshit Deus Ex Plot Armor.

She, quite literally, is basically a Mary Sue. She gets trasported to another world, she finds the exact person needed to train her and make her an unbeatable and unkillable warrior. She uses Blood Magic, a corruption which eventually takes over the user, and never suffers any negative side effects from it. Her best friend is mortally wounded, she gets helps from her twin in a different universe sending her messages from the past, telling her what to do to save her MORTALLY WOUNDED friend, and nothing went wrong. She lost her Mentor, she literally gets over it like the next few chapters and it's NEVER brought up again. She single handedly defeats one of the top 3 most powerful beings on the planet. She studies Sirens, and instantly knew how to make a Gem and turns herself into a Siren. Now her literal Soul is getting split in two, corruption and non corruption, and being set up in a way to corrupt the corruption till she the uncorruption is now back in control, and thus showing that the Siren is NOT Sunset, and thus she has no blame for anything the Siren did in control her of body, as it was just a Corruption and not actually Sunset doing anything.

Literally NOTHING has ever gone Wrong for Sunset, and those bits that do, either get solved instantly without any trouble, or in the case of death, just ignored and moved on very quickly.

She is, by the literally definition, a Mary Sue, with Plot Armor, and Deus Ex happening to help her in anything she needs. <-- This, This is something I don't like, when it's an XCOM Game. A Game based around the ideas of Failures, setbacks, devistations, and having to move on and grow to be better. Right now, Sunset is the EXACT same person, from chapter 1, to now in chapter 243. She still acts the same, has the same beliefs, and does the same things as before. She has not changed at all.

Thank you for adding the entire Soldier Series to your Equestrian Guard and Favorites shelves. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

may I ask what you like about them?

Thank you for adding Soldier of Magic to your Equestrian Guard bookshelf.:twilightsmile:

May I ask what you llike about it?

Thank you for the follow!

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