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The Rose School of Magic is regarded as one of the most prestigious academies in all Equestria. If legends are to be believed, it was co-founded in the early years of Princess Celestia's reign by the daughter of Princess Platinum Rose and the son of Clover Blood, The Clever. Despite the passing of centuries, and the occasional changes to both it's policies and location, the role of Headmaster being filled by a member of the Bloodrose family. Most importantly, the use of an entrance exam to gauge the strength of prospective students has remained unchanged

Cover by Silfoe, used with permission

Chapters (2)

Midnight Storm, a Kirin who fled civilization after a lifetime of persecution, now lives in the Everfree Forest. She is content with living in the wild, the forest is filled with creatures to practice hunting and fighting with, and she doesn’t have to hide what she is for fear of ponies attacking her. She has made friends with Zecora, a zebra shaman and fellow outcast. But Midnight’s life takes an interesting turn when Zecora attempts to reintroduce her to pony society.

A cross between Past Sins by Pen Stroke and The Witching Hour by Chaotic Ink.
Co-Author/writer - Starscibe
Cover art by Zutcha
Front page - 12/23/17

Chapters (26)
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