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Due to a magical mishap a human appears in Equestria, in the form of a unicorn. His mark, an empty piece of parchment, now becomes his moniker.

‘Blank Page’ now becomes a piece of a story that follows down a familiar path, with new twists in store.

Space Battles famed author, Hiver, bring his talent to the Bronies in a Human turned Pony tale, that breaks norms thought taboo within the community. What we are left with is a series of stories whose publication is more of an event that brings fans together from all corners of the world.

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Hey, there are 6 Stories written by Hiver but I only see 5 of them here.

How about the bardic guard? He is a storyteller, and bards can fight...

And I'm joining in the mischief to come!

Man the balasters! Turn on the knobs! Prepare the Kraken for what is to come!!

...well? I'm waiting for the fifth release, Mister Hiver! :raritydespair:

Mischief. Nothing but mischief

Sipioc, what did you do this time?

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